Zip Code:


Latitude / Longitude:

39°21′57″N 106°11′09″W / 39.36583°N 106.18583°W / 39.36583


3,463 m (11,360 ft)

Time Zone:

Mountain (MST) (UTC-7)


Climax was an unincorporated mining village and a former U.S. Post Office located in Lake County, Colorado, United States.


Climax is known for its large molybdenum ore deposit. Climax is located along the Continental Divide at an elevation of about 11,360 feet (3465 meters). It was the highest human settlement in the United States, and it holds the record for having had the country’s second highest Post Office and the highest railroad station. The residential houses were all transported to the West Park subdivision of Leadville, Colorado, before 1965, leaving only the mining buildings standing.





Current Status:

The village of Climax is now considered to be a ghost town. The former Colorado & Southern Railway line from Leadville is now operated as a tourist line by Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad. The line stops at an overview of the Climax Molybdenum Mine and Fremont Pass. Climax is also a destination for automobile tourists, bicyclists, and photographers, but lacking commercial enterprise, the location is not well advertised.


After a 17-year shutdown, the Climax mine has reopened and resumed shipment of molybdenum on May 10, 2012. Climax’s reason for being is its huge deposit of molybdenum ore. The Climax mine was the largest molybdenum mine in the world, and for many years it supplied three-fourths of the world’s supply of the metal. Over the years it evolved from “at times the largest underground mine in the world,” into a pit mine.