Rockville Stage Stop


Rockville Stage Stop



Zip Code:


Latitude / Longitude:

N 43° 20′ 33.58″ W 117° 0′ 4.50″ (43.34266, -117.00125)


1,214 m (3,983 ft)

Time Zone:

Mountain (MST) (UTC-7)


No one is living there.
From Marsing take 95 towards Jordan Valley and at Mc Bride Creek road turn right.
A well cared for dirt road goes about 2.5 miles to a fork, turn on the right and cross the creek-bed and the foundations and just after the creek-bed.


The Stage Stop building foundation and barn foundation is all that is left due to vandals burning it down in early 60s.
Rockville Stage Stop was the stage route in late 1800s.
The stop was attacked by Indains many times and nearby is the grave and stone of the wife of the man that ran the stop who was killed by Indains.

If you continue to drive on that road you will reach the Poison Creek Stage Stop that was later used as the school and is now just a two story brick shell.





Current Status:




The following grave sites are nearby:
Mrs. Ed Holmes who died in 1889
Shirley Scott who died in 2008
Jim Hall who died in 2010


This is the only picture I have been able to find online of what The Rockville Stage Stop looked like before being torn down.

Rockville Stage Stop

Rockville Stage Stop (Photographer Unknown)


Looking down at the main foundation for Rockville (Center of picture) – June 29, 2014

Rockville Stage Stop

Rockville Stage Stop


Main foundation for Rockville – October 2014

Rockville Stage Stop

Rockville Stage Stop


Metal pole sticking out of the ground. The main foundation for Rockville is at the top of the picture. – September 2015

Rockville Stage Stop

Rockville Stage Stop


Second well located next to the creek-bed. – September 2015

Rockville Stage Stop

Rockville Stage Stop (Picture provided by Heather Hanrahan)


The new Rockville school (Rockville Elementary School) that was moved from Idaho to Oregon (Located at the crossroads of Succor Creek Rd & McBride Rd) (43°19’02.9″N 117°06’31.9″W / 43.317482,-117.1095436,309m)


Metal plate found down by the creek-bed and the second well. – September 2015
(I am unsure as to what this item is exactly and looking for any help in finding out what it is.)


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Owyhee County, Idaho GenWeb Project

Rockville Stage Stop 1885-1912 in Idaho & 1912-1948 in Oregon.
Established November 12, 1885, Robert B. Young
John Upham, July 19, 1887
William Upham, August 22, 1895
Jore Hzareda, September 15, 1898
Adison P. Calvert, January 14, 1901
Lebbie Proud, June 17, 1903
Jesse L. Proud, May 9, 1908
Transferred to Mahleur County, Oregon, January 26, 1912
14 m. N. of Sheaville, Oregon
Section 6, T2S, R6E



More Facts:

Former Name:

The original name of Rockville was The Rocks.
It was also a precinct for voting and census purposes for a short time in the 1920s, but was annexed to Homedale precinct in 1928[1].

Geographic location:

Rockville was located on McBride Creek in Succor Creek Canyon in western Owyhee County, about 2.5 miles off the ION Highway (US Hwy 95), south of Marsing, and McBride Creek Road.


There is a small cemetery at Rockville.

Church Records and History:

At the present time there are no churches listed in Rockville.


A directory of the residents and businesses of Rockville in 1898 is included in A Historical, Descriptive and Commercial Directory of Owyhee County, Idaho. A copy of the directory is in the Idaho State Archives, the Owyhee County Museum, and other Idaho libraries.[2] It is also available on microfilm through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and its many family history centers. The directory has been abstracted and is available on the Idaho GenWeb page for Rockville.


Originally established in the 1870s as a state station, it was granted a post office in 1885. At its height, it had a frame house, a saloon, and other buildings, including a 19-room hotel which was built in 1903. That building included sleeping rooms and a dance hall and became a center for local activity. Rockville was abandoned in 1928 when the new road through Succor Creek Canyon to Jordan Valley bypassed it. The hotel was torn down in 1930[3].


There are no copies of Rockville newspapers in the Idaho State Archives, but newspapers of nearby towns might be of interest to those interested in Rockville.

School Records

A school existed at Rockville for a few years, but nothing is known of the records of the students who attended there.


1. Sixteenth Census of the United States: 1940. Population. Volume 1: Number of Inhabitants. See footnotes for Owyhee County.
2. A Historical, Descriptive and Commercial Directory of Owyhee County, Idaho. Silver City, Idaho: Press of the Owyhee Avalanche, 1898.
3. Meril Ebbers. “The Rocks,” The Bulletin, newsletter of the Owyhee County Historical Society, July 5, 2010.




  1. I would need to find my references, but if I recall correctly, Rockville was originally in Idaho and through some political wrangling it moved to a nearby location in Oregon just across the border, on the way to Leslie Gulch. I think that new location might have been where the school is at the junction of Succor Creek Road and McBride Road.

    1. Bill,

      Yes, I have pictures of the Rockville school and where the new location is. I’ll have to get those up here shortly. Just added them above. But I think you are spot on with that info about it moving.

    2. Hi my family built the Rocks into the stage stop. I have several pictures. My great grandfather and great aunt and uncle lived there and ran it as well as Poison creek

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