Springville (Clark County)


Springville Clark County



Zip Code:


Latitude / Longitude:

38° 25′ 39  N, 85° 41′ 13  W



Time Zone:

Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)


Springville was a small town that existed from 1798 to 1811 in Charlestown Township, Clark County, Indiana, United States.


It was named for the springs in the area that provided a good fresh water supply. A Frenchman established a trading post at the site in 1799; Indians called it Tullytown due to the prominent trader Charles Tully (pronounced two-lay). It was located at the intersection of four Indian trails, two of which went to what is now Detroit, Michigan and Cincinnati, Ohio. At Springville’s peak it had 100 residents. When Clark County was established, Springville was named the county seat on April 7, 1801, creating the first court in the county. On June 9, 1802 the county seat was moved to Jeffersonville, starting the demise of Springville.





Current Status:

A simple grid of streets, four north-south and three east-west, named for trees, divided Springville. Among the trades represented in the village were blacksmithing, a distillery, a doctor, hattery, surveying, and a wheelwright.



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