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Latitude / Longitude:

39° 1′ 0″ N, 118° 23′ 28″ W



Time Zone:

Pacific (PST) (UTC-8)


Rawhide, Nevada was a town in Mineral County, Nevada, approximately 55 miles southeast of Fallon. The site of Rawhide has been dismantled by recent mining activity, with little or nothing remaining to be seen.


Rawhide was a mining town that exemplifies many of the towns which sprang up in Nevada during the silver and gold rushes in the state’s history. Rawhide was less a town born on the actual finding of large silver or gold deposits, and more on the manipulation of greed and desire for “the next big thing”. That there was silver and gold in the hills surrounding Rawhide is indisputable, but the town itself existed more on promotion, self-serving aggrandizement, and showy displays by the promoters and developers of the town alluding to wealth and success that didn’t exist relative to the size of the town. Fueling this was stock manipulation by unscrupulous mining stock brokers that funneled millions into the accounts of the manipulators, but provided little return on investment to the stockholders. There were riches to be made, and these schemers preyed on the common desire of investors of the time to get rich quick. Rawhide provided them a perfect milieu to fleece their victims.





Current Status:

The stone jail house of Rawhide was moved eventually to Hawthorne for safekeeping, where it remains today. Additionally, a small cemetery was still visible near Stingaree Gulch, a mile north of town. However, new mining technologies for obtaining fine gold particles from ore deposits, and an upswing in gold prices, brought renewed interest to the Rawhide area in the late 1980s. A large mining operation (The Denton-Rawhide Mine), operated jointly by Kennecott Minerals and Pacific Rim Mining Corp. created a huge open pit mine, which completely over-ran the original site of Rawhide. The mine wound down operations in 2002-2003, and the pit itself has been permitted for use as a landfill; however the landfill is not in operation yet (as of March 2008). Visitors to the area will find nothing remaining of what was once Rawhide.


The location of Rawhide is approximately 55 miles SE of Fallon, NV and approximately 35 miles NE of Hawthorne, NV. As mentioned above, the Rawhide-Denton Mine has removed any trace of Rawhide, and there is nothing of the town left to see. Rawhide was at 39°01’00″N 118°23’28″W, at an elevation of 5082 feet (1549m).