Zip Code:


Latitude / Longitude:

36°05′42″N 95°51′48″W / 36.09500°N 95.86333°W / 36.09500


660 ft (201 m)

Time Zone:

Central (CST) (UTC-6)


Alsuma was a rural community between Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Its post office opened in 1905, named Welcome, Oklahoma, but was renamed Alsuma in 1906. Another version states that the town was named for John Alsuma, a local merchant. According to a long-time resident, the town was renamed for three women: Alice, Susan and Mabel. Legend has it that a squabble among the three town leaders about an appropriate name was settled in a face saving way. Their wives were named Alice, Susie and Mary. It was suggested that the first two letters of each woman’s name be combined. The community covered as much as 165 acres (67 ha) and held a population of 75 families. The post office discontinued service in 1926. It is now considered a ghost town. The name is still used locally in referring to a specific area of southeast Tulsa.







Current Status:

Few physical traces of Alsuma still exist inside the Tulsa city limits, on 51 Street between Mingo Road and the Mingo Valley Expressway. Alsuma had its own park, where both black and white children played during the era of segregation. This was prohibited by law in the segregated Tulsa city parks. The Tulsa Park and Recreation Department still lists Alsuma Park at 9801 E. 51st Street as a recreation area, but it is used primarily for storm water retention. There are soccer fields in the pond area, but all playground equipment has disappeared. There are still some residences remaining, but officially Alsuma is regarded as a ghost town.