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36°46′03″N 96°42′27″W / 36.76763°N 96.707625°W / 36.76763



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Central (CST) (UTC-6)


Whizbang, officially called Denoya, Oklahoma, was an Oklahoma petroleum boom town in the 1920s and 1930s. Located in Osage County 1.5 miles north and 1.5 miles west of the present town of Shidler, The Whizbang area at its peak had a population of 10,000 persons and 300 businesses and was considered the rowdiest of the many oil field towns in Oklahoma.


Whizbang was officially known as Denoya by the post office which did not consider the name Whizbang to be dignified. Denoya was the name of a prominent French/Osage Indian family.





Current Status:

Today the rubble and remains of Whizbang/Denoya can easily be seen from the road. Several sidewalks still parallel the road, and a number of building foundations are still in the area. A few occupied houses are still nearby.


Perhaps the most infamous of the Oklahoma oil boom towns, Whizbang (or Denoya) came into existence overnight in 1921 when E.W. Marland drilled a 600 barrel per day oil well and precipitated an “oil rush” to the area. Both the quality and quantity of the petroleum were superb. The origin of the name “Whizbang” is uncertain. It may refer to a cartoon character of the day or to a madame of a brothel who called herself Whizbang Red. Customers planning to visit her establishment said they were going to see “Whizbang” and the name was quickly applied to the whole town.