Abandoned Entire Town – Elkmont, TN

Founded as a logging town in the late 1800s, and now is an entire town abandoned and surrounded by a campground. See my return in the link below. I brought a better light.

Everyone, it’s John here, I am coming to you from one of my most favorite places on this earth, and that is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park come here in my life. I live near the area, it’s a beautiful place, but more specifically, today, I’m in the historic town of Elkmont. This is what many people believe was discovered by a hiker. Not true. It’S been here, everyone’s known about it.

A brief rundown of the history in the late 1800s. It was founded as a logging community, a logging town. You say, and it was you know, a small, bustling little logging town by the 1930s. All this land was sold to the government to become a National Park. So at that point, the government leased the cabins to hunting enthusiasts fishermen. You know mainly people with a lot of money. Would lease these cabins come up here. Hunt, fish and it’d be their playground, so by 1992, the government decided to stop leasing the cabins.

The National Park Service is going to turn the mall down, but the National Register of historical society comes in said no we’re going to preserve these because they are historic landmarks. So they’ve been in a battle with the National Park for years for two decades now, almost three and the cabins have been sitting here, they’ve Stubbins falling into disrepair. Several years ago. The National Park said we’re going to refit. Some of these cabins fix them up and tear the ones that are too far going down, but they still haven’t really done anything to them.

They’re still, here we’re gonna walk around. Take a look and see what’s going on here. This is the first little looks like some sort of fireplace it’s just out here in the middle. The woods it’s pretty cool, though, if you know what this is exactly put it in the comments down below, but you know it’s funny that this became someone. You know a hacker discovered it in the woods. His hike on this abandoned town well, just over the hill right over here is a full campground and it’s always been here. Peoples always knew about it.

That’s come here, but you know if you’re not from this area. You see something like that. You know it’s very believable special when some of the media runs with it, but I don’t want to burst your bubble, but it was not magically discovered by some hiker in 2009. I’m not gonna say any names, but they pull the wool over your eyes. Pretty good there, here’s the first cabin that you’ll come across a pendant where you park at its pretty cool-looking little cabinets just right off the road there.

So if you’re ever in this area, come check, these places out its kind of cool to see. Just these Forgotten cabins left to turn the woods. Take a walk over here and take a look around this thing. A lot of these cabins are not very safe to go inside and apparently you’re not supposed to go inside of them. They frown upon that some tables. Lots of stuff left behind here looks like we can walk right in over there.

Let’s go around and check it out, a nice stone walkway here, okay, it’s a dirt floor basement. Well, this middle parts concrete here but, like someone’s, been it’s somewhat staying at some of the wood here that goes upstairs. This is not a very good shape electrical box. These are just empty rooms off to the side. This is interesting. It’S an old piano! My site has been completely taken apart, it’s still kind of cool to see something like this just sitting here, and then we got a bunch of tables.

This is a cool little trail here. The short stone walls on each side not exactly sure what it led to, but it’s pretty cool in its own right. I was going to try to go upstairs. Every set of steps was real. Rotted, don’t feel like falling through a floor right now, plus I’m pressed for time today. So when can I go through this quick, but I will come back on another date and give a good thorough breakthrough this place. Walking real where the cabins are. It is a pretty chilly morning it’s about 35 degrees.

I decided when I walked out. The house is gonna put on my al Borland attire to keep a little warmer today, so we’re coming up on some more cabins here, we’ll take a look at them and see. Okay, just give you example feedback here. Two parking lot all down through here this place is so close to that to the return, look, it’s a pretty cool sight to see. This is the little Main Street here.

They’ll come on all these abandoned cabins, so it’s not so hidden in the woods for hackers, like yous might’ve thought a step up here come on while too far guys, these floors are very weak and I don’t if you can see it’s starting to fall through right. There, the porch is fairly solid, though almost like somebody is updated it recently and all these cabins are just they’re empty. It’s not a whole lot to see inside somebody fell through.

Oh boy, check, it fireplace out. Imagine, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts will just go back in time to the early nineteen hundred’s late 18-hundreds family sitting here enjoying the evening. Oh, we had dinner right back there. It’S kind of cool you can see. There’s National Park signage all through here telling about the history of this whole town. Imagine coming home some long day’s work logging in the woods. It’s a nice little ghost town check this little cabin out. Tell sturdy whoo check this out. Leave my flashlight.

It’s a prequel stone and concrete fireplace. I can tell that the floors are really falling down over there. Vandals are busted glass out unto this point. This is my favorite part of this whole little town like how they built scaffolding to keep that chimney damming this little log cabin check it out very rustic, old-school log, cabin Hall, rafters these little stone walls they put around their property kind of cool-looking.

Here’s the kitchen area of this cabin bathroom right here is a toilet, just a closet, just endless of the number of old houses around here. Now it’s got a cool fireplace. I drag the river rock up here, built that kitchen back here. This little cabin out almost looks like it would have been a small Playhouse and I’ve been way down to get in here. It’s got a solid concrete floor now this could have been maybe a smokehouse or kitchen or could have just been really really awesome.

Little Playhouse, you can’t a long hat and hug our way down here to walk around on this thing kind of cool, though it’s a cool cabin on the end, and as I don’t know, if how you know the Wunderland hotel, which is one of the more famous Landmarks here it actually fell down last year. So it’s no more nice view down the street here. So they’ve been the main drag down Helmont back in today, as you notice, I’m not going really far into these houses for one the floors are very weak and there are no trespassing signs on almost all of them exhibit outside of that one.

There you go to another parking area, a little touristy spot, so it’s not hidden from anybody. You can see this one not very structurally sound. The inside walls are all warped. Almost like a funhouse. Still, it’s a cool, cool structure. There I hear tough steps. Yeah, I’m not going to staying on that. This one looks much much better say. No tres, don’t see any trespassing sign coal River rock fireplace here. These floors are not enjoying late. Walter thanks for the words in here, look pretty weak.

This one looks like those on this fireplace – and it’s not double-sided – Oh walk around here and see if we can get there, look at it another two in it. You don’t see very many of these anymore kind of cool back singing on the country, cool, porch, pretty cool, looking cabin here. Just take a look inside it and see what’s going on, this is pretty cool, we’ll scale out a topper, the cool log, cabin-style architecture. The floors are screaming in agony as I walk across them. Another clawfoot, bathtub yeah, these floors back here are not very forgiving.

Okay, cupboards are empty; okay, there you have it, that’s all we’re going to do for today. I own price with time got places the beat. I do want to come back and do kind of a return or part two because there are more cabins spread out. Is it out there yeah and kind of get run over here and just explore some more a very somebody with me? There’S a lot of times. You have two people that help with things.

Maybe you didn’t see it before? Yes, thanks for watching, you know it’s a little nerve-wracking at times because of the soft floors, but you know as people like to point out. I am on the overweight side, but doing this you know so far. I’ve lost about 20 pounds and it’s helped me. It’s helped me get slightly back into shape, so I’m enjoying it I’m having fun, and I’m glad you guys are joining me on these adventures.

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