Abandoned Ghost Town – Bartlett, Texas


What’s up everyone today we’re in Texas yesterday, if you watch our video, we were in the water slides, and I was amazing and right now we’re just in the middle of nowhere in Texas, like small little towns everywhere, you go, I’m actually loving Texas. A lot of places to just really run down, and I love that stuff, so we’re here in Bartlett Texas.

This was Main Street. I’m gonna show you all around here how it looks now I’ve been driving through a lot of random towns in Texas, and it seems really normal to see rundown buildings like this pretty much you know owned by. You know pretty much independent shops just sitting here, almost like an old cowboy western look old, antique shop type of thing. I think the last two remaining buildings are actually these two on the side on this strip of Main Street.

We’re gonna walk around here and just see. What’s up, I think it’s pretty much Hollywood movies that got me into this, but I love the idea of southern small towns that pretty much our rundown old you get to go to them, and pretty much you’ll see your daily people. You’ll see every day going to the same old coffee shop. Seen the same old people you’ll know, I think that’s cool pretty much. You know a lot of friendly people here in the cell, that’s for sure, and that down south this looked like it was once an old diner.

I’d say that, because the closed sign right here as some sort of drank on it, this old sign that was once embedded in the brick wall. I can’t really read it, but I know it says: um hotel dining at the park CAF. So this must be a really you know old hotel right here. This building, but I love goat, sounds for sure. It’s hard to see in there we zoom in we’re gonna get some kind of footage. I think I see a pink flamingo over there now you’re wondering why? Is there a headband on my head right?

Well, I didn’t feel like doing my hair today I got lazy, so I went to Walmart bought a headband. People are gonna, say all that’s gay, but personally, I’m not gay. I have nothing against gay people either. I have a lot of gay friends just I wanted to wear a headband everyone’s, so judgmental online right, ah, ah, no way this was a fudge shop and this is a newer one. Damn, we’re gonna go so I’m gonna go ahead and try to find some locals around and ask them. Why is this place so abandoned? That’S the best way to do it. Hey, I gotta. I gotta. Ask you a question. If they haven’t asked you, why is everything closed down here?

Well, the big box stores opened in the eighties. We used to have this used to be a grocery store. Actually, oh, oh this building is this your building or that’s awesome? They used to be like five grocery stores in town, one time or two butcher shops, cleaners, all kinds of little mom-and-pop stores, and when the big-box stores opened everything kind of shut down in a big box like a chant, like big, like Walmart stuff, Oh Mike, I Was just talking about the how ah we’ve been seeing a lot of independent stores?

I just abandoned yeah. That’s a story here, mostly most of it, people don’t want to shop, local and people here or exceptionally stupid gum, not really no cheese, hey Marcus, he’s a good guy he’s a good one. Nice, hey son, Marcus hahaha, he’s America’s all over sir yeah uh when was the last time, they kicked him out of office. So so you just upset about the mayor not doing stuff for the street or well the mayor. I mean, if you talk to it, especially if you’re a pretty girl he’s going to tell you he’s with the CIA, the FBI really. He came to me and he told me he was an assassin for the Air Force.

Really. Yes, it was a really cool day. The event, no, I used to be a lot of antique stores, but now we don’t even have that this guy over here with a white paper, is high up. He was the mayor who just got unelected or he didn’t run again, but he robbed his blind, like all the other mayor’s. So a lot of these houses are being renovated inside well, a few of these houses are being reared, end of rated. He actually lives here and he’s going to show us his place.

How he has a bank vault inside of his house he’s also I’m starting a business hair and he’s hoping to you know, get just started up. Get it alive again he’s going this! This building was built in 1905 and the whole town in an uproar because we’ve, I don’t know we changed it. It looks different, so you put a little bit of change into something and you know their people go ballistic. Getting a little ya, don’t happen. That’S that’s! How it is, though, in this whole world you do a little bit.

You do something different and you’re going to hear. If it’s a professional job, it’s there’s nothing shoddy about it. It’S not half-assed and it’s yeah. Not so it’s a great door. It’S just $ 7,000 door is definitely nice. Barber chairs an antique, oh yeah, yeah death in a week. This whole wanted to look desire, place. Looking at things actually from a movie, I think it’s from their star filling huh. What’S a movie prize or did you buy?

This came with the house, everybody had it, and here’s the hold everybody wow. They look at –, look long, go through the ballgame with this house. That’S it like. I said two Gringo’s Phil and I kind of screwed it up. It should be a J. At least you have a nice vault in your place, this the company that made this thing in there out of business. Oh man, everybody’s out of business. Well, that is really bold.

Inside of this human Cody. Okay, now you can hide people in here yeah. You could totally like hide people in this vault Wow, not a lot to see Mikey. The building that I live in. I met one old man who’s now dad, but he told me from 1909 to 1927. This building was a bank, and then it became an optometrist’s office, and then it was a lawyer’s office and a Gynaecologists office and the father a store and the old people that are alive today. Remember it as being the dowdy grocery store, Wow unbelievable. Well, when was it open?

This building was a bit dowdy grocery store, I think closed about 1980 Wow and since that time has been an antique store and then I bought it and made it him into a machine shop. What a nice guy – and I definitely hooked us up with a lot of good info – pretty much. He says a lot of people here at crooked. The cops are crooked, the mayor’s crooked people in the past that were once mayor, we’re cooking before them.

So I mean China’s this town has been going through a lot of stuff and I mean we’re gon na keep on exploring still. But you know a lot of people we were. You know we were to get a complaint of us even being here because we’re filming wow this is their National Bank. The architecture is great with those Eagles and you come down, and you see it though it’s gone. Look at this one, this one’s really rundown um. Maybe they’re doing some kind of repairs on this one. Let’S go see all right. All dude is that, like from the Derby hunt, good punch, buggy Derby thing that movie, oh, it looks I’ve never seen a car like that.

That’s why, though, yeah this one just really rundown yep, doesn’t even have a door, and look at the ceiling, everything’s gonna cave in for sure whoa. This was a gym. I know definitely abandon. This sign is gone. Look at that doing something to it. Oh, they close down this restaurant. This is why we have to support independent places instead of those big chains – man, it’s ruining stuff, and here’s a big example. One thing about the south is someplace, is going to look so old, so rundown, so rusted, but yet to not abandon at all.

You we’re leaving Bartlett Texas and we’re heading down to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house, see that we’re in Texas come on. This plantation house was used in Texas, Chainsaw Massacre movies, 2003 and 2006. This house was built in Austin in the 1800s, then moved by train in the 1930s and rebuilt brick by brick, where it now sits because of the location in its natural airy look. It was perfect for the movies, although, while the house does look awesome, visitors should be aware that it is on private property and the owners aren’t so nice.

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