American Ghost Towns – Gold Point

American Ghost Towns is a Virtual Reality Series that explores America’s past through the remnants of settlements and villages that have been left behind. The desolate, abandoned ruins of once busy banks, hotels and saloons dot the landscape of the old wild west.

Host Ted Faye takes the viewer on a virtual tour of these once bustling towns, interviewing historians, residents, and others who bring the people and places back to life.

Here at the end of the road on gold mountains in March 1908, the Russell and Cavanaugh brothers discovered a silver Bonanza within a month, a thousand prospectors and miners rushed here hoping to get rich. This is gold, Point Nevada, but it wasn’t always gold point in 1868, when lime was found, it was lime point and when the big silver discovery was made in 1908, it was called Horne silver.

Within a month a newspaper was published a week later. This post office was built, miners cabins were going up daily newspapers described Horne silver as the latest wonder of Nevada, and in less than a month more than 500 men were living here there were saloons lodging houses, restaurants, barbershops a livery, stable and general stores. Telephone lines went up, water and power lines were planned by May.

The first edition of the horn silver Herald was published, the town had a Chamber of Commerce and a miners Union by the end of spring. The population was well over a thousand, but by the summer of 1908 the silver had played out and everyone left, but a hundred hopeful souls, and that was the end of horn silver.

But in 1921, one of horn, silvers old mines was reworked and a rich vein of gold was discovered, and that was enough to change the town’s name. Today. Gold Point is home to a few hearty souls who maintain the town’s character. You’ll find this remnant of the Wild West at the end of the road on gold, mountain gold point Nevada, an American ghost town join us next time for another episode of American ghost towns. You

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