Death Valley Flooded and Spooky Ghost Towns of Nevada and California

Death Valley flooded and ghost towns of Nevada USA. Gold Point, Darwin, and Rhyolite. Trips that can be done in easy reach of Las Vegas. Unfortunately no Marguerita’s readily available. California Sierra. Tony Alexander Presents. Late summer trip over 45 degrees.

Through and gets belly the son the century, it’s 108 degrees, it’s about 109 degrees and rising, and it’s about 6 o’clock in the evening, as I pan out. This is where we are. Oh, it is very, very, very warm when you’re down and low and your heart feels cold and your feet can’t go on right in the dark of the night. If you just take hold of home it’ll come to pass, it will come to pass damn right for no you’ll come to there’s a star in the sky that sings your name to the entire.

It rolls like a flower on the very first hour if you it’ll, be too bad. It’ll come to pass longfang come to those. So when you’re feeling the plane, don’t be shy, no hard. Amidst your sorrows help my dear hi there, I’ve just had a bit of a look around here in the desert. These trees, the Joshua Tree, the Flying Saucer. True, they look like aliens. I tell you what they’re not very friendly aliens because all these needles are as sharp as a pin. If I was to grab hold of that, I can’t imagine what sort of pain that would be.

I wouldn’t like to parachute into one I wouldn’t like to cut them up and carry it wouldn’t like to do anything with one. So let’s go and have a look at something a bit more friendly over there. Oh well, whoo, it’s cold, it’s crystal clear and it’s only 65 miles from Vegas the crystal pool spring. That’s coming up out of the ground and it’s cool and it’s clear. It’s clean and I can drink it and there are ducks in it. So I’m going to go for a swim. You know before you say anything. I apologize about the wind, but I’m 3,000 meters up and I’m having a bit of a walk through the Sequoia National Forest. That’s my car sitting there’s a bit of a gale.

It’s probably half the temperature of Death Valley and I’ll just show you I’m parked on the side of the road and I’ll go for my first wander up this Canyon in the Sequoia National Park and I’ll try and get to the top of that saddle up there. As you can see, I’m in amongst the Giants already, and just you know one our way is the driest hottest place on earth so that the stream is running here, so we’re gone sitting in the truck yard. Waiting for I can sit back share was with a bunch. Oh was in a steroid all my life. Why, when, Oh, I was gonna come to you can’t return it yeah, oh! Well, it’s got a bit of clearance, but yeah you can make it you mean, I think, yeah, no problem, no problem in that no yeah.

You will drive once and low like this once almost too low you can’t get through in that. No, really, oh, don’t want to knock it around now. You just get to be a good driver. Yeah! Okay, can you get it? Can you later seven and eight-foot drop-offs, oh yeah, from the bush out? Oh yeah, so you have to go around until you can get through the wash-up and then come back yeah. Okay, oh that’s good yeah! Well, no, then there’s little Rockets, a cinema yeah guys we watch them all day off, doing it cuz.

That’s not a mosque out there, just as they come into practice. I’ve done down Iraq to look for in Iran. We have like an Iraqi village. Oh no! I know when Liberty, valance road to town the women – oh good, hi, they’d hi, when Liberty valance walked around the men, would step aside because the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood when it came to shooting straight impaired. He was mighty good from out of the East.

Stranger a Millar book in his hand, oh man, the kind of a man the West would need the Tami trouble land to cause the point of a gun. Was he only lost to Liberty, understood when it ain’t? Shooting straight embarrassed: he was mighty, man would fall, the man who shot Liberty valance, he shot Liberty Valance.

He was the bravest of them all hundred years ago that it ran out of the stuff silver that they needed and I’m just having a bit of a scramble around here. So forgive the shaky camera. But as we go up this rocky ground, as you can see, we come into more hillside dwellings and they come up here up there. They are just where they used to hide out of the heat up here and I just pan back down. You can see a little Church down there and there I am you

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