Finding a 100-Year-Old Briefcase In Abandoned Ghost Town

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This is the coolest thing I’ve found at Cerro Gordo. It was wrapped in a blanket in the general store, in a room nobody had been in decades. When I opened it I found the highs and lows of 3 different miner’s lives. Love letters, divorce decrees, mining leases, bankruptcy lawsuits, and even one letter than contained a map hand drawn, leading to where the author believe a rich ore deposit to be.

I’m going to track down where the map says to go and see if there is anything there. I’d also love to find some living family of some of these miners. Curious if they knew they were up at Cerro Gordo and their experiences here.

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I feel like this – is the start of a whole other video finding a treasure map in an old envelope so freaky. Why is there a bag of bones? Oh hello, again, I know It’s been a really long time. I apologize whoa hello, I got appendicitis, so I actually don’t have an appendix anymore. That was an unfortunate event after you know, given the fire, the earthquake, they lost power for a while, but anyways, I’m back and, as you can tell some new additions to the Cerro Gordo family, we got some goats uh. This is elon.

This is tofu hello, tofu. This is papa. This is beretta, hey, hey, guys, guys come on I’m trying to I’m trying to film here, elon, my appendix anyways. I want to keep catching you guys up with some of the projects we’ve been doing. Obviously, the hotel’s been a big project, but I finally want to show you some of the things I found in the general store to clean that out. I found probably the coolest wow. I probably found the coolest things ever about Cerro Gordo in the whole general store. I found this briefcase with documents that I just have to show you guys. These are things that are gonna lead to all sorts of new videos and excursions.

I’m sure can’t wait to jump into this thing and hopefully show you guys some more regular updates. Now that you know knock on wood health issues at our side, the original general store at Cerro Gordo. This is right in the center of town and It’s something that I have been spending an awful lot of my own time on you come in. These are the original shelves, the original bar that they would sell stuff. You know and kind of curated, some of the old stuff. You know miners axes, dynamite boxes, more dynamite boxes bought back here. This is the museum, so these are all artifacts as they go through mines and I find stuff. This is antique dust 1865.

Originally these pocket watches people would drop all the time as they would go through the different mines. We got knives old bottles, more bottles, bullets, horseshoes fossils. They even have fossils on the property and all sorts of everything Chinese coins from all the Chinese workers and some boxes yeah. I think a mercury, these guys, that’s the people down at the 900 level of the mine. It always gets me as this guy he’s in a suit totally fresh. You know just casually chilling 900 feet down in a mine in a suit the infamous briefcase.

I found that contains all sorts of crazy documents. It is something that I’ve never found anything even closer like this being up here for two years. I found all sorts of stuff, but this stuff in here i’ll go through it in more detail, but just checks from 1926. You know letters stamps, I mean It’s bank statements, There’s deeds in here. It is the craziest find I’ve made here yet, and I think It’s gonna lead to all sorts of new adventures. There’s things in there that I found that are gonna leave me on all sorts of paths, and I hope, maybe you know youtube – can help me track down some of the things in here, including some of the names you know, There are three main miners that are In this briefcase and I’d love to be able to find them, you know, however, we can um.

I have their names, I know obviously they’re at Cerro Gordo and keeler and lone pine. Maybe we can get some of these documents back to their descendants. I think that’d be kind of a cool use of uh youtube and the internet. It was wrapped in a blanket hidden underneath a part of the museum that hadn’t been explored in decades and, as I was cleaning it out, it was wrapped in a blanket under the shelf, as I pulled it out. There’s just tons and tons of letters in here – and this is It’s awesome. You know this is the highs, the lows, the hopes, the dreams, the everything of a few miners, the three people we’re looking for are Mr. j.d leary of keeler.

California looks like he was active around 1930s, so if anybody knows anything about leary’s in keeler, chet or chester, reynolds who was about in the 50s, who had a company apparently called anaconda, copper mining. He has a lot of lawsuits and different things. If anybody has any way to get in touch with him, that would be interesting or andrew or josephine carrithers from lone pine, and they were from the 50s as well. But those are the three names characters, reynolds and leary, and this box has tons of documents for them, so I’d love to figure out a way to maybe get this to some of their relatives or descendants.

I have a letter here from the Utah junk company 1934 for Mr. leary. that’s him trying to sell some zinc. It says. Dear sir, I received your favor of the fourth and was very glad to hear from you again with spelter at 440 at St Louis. I do not think it would be profitable for you to ship zinc ore. So far, however, for your shipment to bar bartersville, I could pay you as follows: pay 87 for zinc contest, less 17.5 cents, less a treatment of fifteen dollars; fifteen dollars per ton. This rate would maybe 1588 delivered to bartersville.

I would be glad to have you advise if you will do you any good and how long it would take to ship 200 tons with best wishes. I remain here is very truly jd, foreman and company from the Utah jazz junk company. So basically Mr. leary was trying to sell some of his ore 200 tons. Can you imagine shipping that much It’s crazy letter? [ Music? ]? Dear friends? Oh whoa! It’s a treasure map. Look at that what he was writing his friends where the oar was signboard by hunter’s point road house I feel like this is the start of a whole other video, finding a treasure map and an old envelope. I feel, like movies started, that way.

I gotta read this in more detail plus, I don’t want you guys stealing my treasure so maybe read this in private. That is crazy, who’s. It from it doesn’t say. Well, I’m gonna go take a look at that and we’ll get back to this little box in a minute, because if I have a little treasure map, [ Music, ] that’ll be okay. We’ll put this one over here, all right, guys! that’s it for today, thanks! So much for following along you know, being part of the adventure. Hopefully we can uh track down some of these things that I found in that ow elon found in that uh briefcase in the in the general store um and keep you updated with all the projects with the hotel and all the other renovations, and you know, obviously, The growth of these guys as they get bigger and bigger, but uh again thanks as always, if you really wanna support the town, please subscribe to this channel, leave a comment or other things. You’D like to see uh donate tour.

Go fund me grab a bandana out of our store, but I can’t wait to see you guys next time and I promise you know well knock on wood. I will be more regular with these. Hopefully, the health issues are gone now and we can kind of focus on you know moving forward but anyways until next time signing out here at Cerro Gordo, all right guys.

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