Finding Dynamite, A Gun, & Denim In An Abandoned Mine

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Exploring an abandoned mine from the 1800s far out in the desert near Death Valley.

This is the craziest day/finds I’ve ever had in a mine. There was galena, a pocket knife, sugar bag, some denim, dynamite, instructions from Hercules Dynamite, and even a gun! My friend Nick joined me for most of the exploration.

I’m getting much more comfortable exploring the mines, so expect many more videos to come!

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Hello, today I explore an insane mind a mind that I’m gonna call the scorpion mine because I saw a scorpion back there. that’s not the real name of it, but uh. It’s one. that’s pretty far away from Cerro Gordo I’d been to it before, but I never really been to it. You know, I think, when I first started making these videos – and I first made the one exploring mine video – I thought it was cute to go. You know kind of far back but don’t go down anywhere, don’t go up anywhere, but I think you know if you go or people other people don’t go. You find what other people don’t find and I think today was a great example of that.

You know I went down some ladders. I’d rather not have gone down but found some that There’s no way that I was gonna find it if I just kind of stayed on the beaten path, so I’m excited to check it out. oh look at that galena got a magnet today see if we can get anything with it: [, Music, ], [, Music, ]! This is 50 feet. Don’T play it long enough, but you got yours. Yeah, I’m going down! I’m going down! Dude! There’s like a file or something this is one of the dress sheeps. This is where we find the jeans. Oh jesus is where we find. Oh, what does it say? Whoa whoa? What was that whoa? I do have a side file in this bag. Yep cool and dry California blast company or something oh yeah. Look I mean this is this is like a trash pile yeah?

Oh look at this paper. Newspaper hercules powder instructions, oh Jesus; oh my gosh rules and instructions. Oh that’s! A whole piece. Yeah! Look at that! Un untouched, oh There’s the whole thing holy, that’s right! Yeah! Put on the museum. I got a backpack too so sugar. that’s funny! that’s how dark it is light on that’s that over here we got our first stick: a dynamite trash pit, It’s kind of cool, all right, metal, stuff, oh that’s cool, oh man, where’s the rabbit well at least now It’s out of the way. Oh look at that. Oh man, oh oh, no way. Could it be that more down there it felt holy, the toy yeah. It’s real that polygon they’re real! Oh my god, that’s the coolest thing.

I think I’ve ever found in a mine ever oh all right what a day huh that is uh by far the coolest day. I’ve ever had in mind and I’m really excited about the fines. I keep everything I find at the museum at Cerro Gordo so if you’ve ever come to visit, you’ll be able to see any of this stuff and hopefully a lot of more cool stuff. You know in the coming months, but if you’re interested I’m posting kind of a short mining video every single day on tick-tock. My username there is brentw underwood better than that.

Thank you guys so much. You know. The support for the town for these videos has been amazing. Um if you want, if you haven’t already please subscribe to the channel, leave a comment below some other things. You want to see and hey maybe one day i’ll see some of you guys visiting Cerro Gordo, but until then I’m signing out taking the rest of the day off, but uh thanks again for watching.

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