Getting Supplies (And Kittens) In An Abandoned Ghost Town

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I live in an abandoned mining town about 30 miles from the closest store. The final 7 miles to get here is up a steep dirt road where you go from 3,000 ft in elevation to 8,500 ft in elevation. The road is not plowed or maintained unless it gets extremely bad.

People asked in the comments how I get my supplies living so far away from everything. Hopefully this gives a little insight into how I do that. I use a Polaris to get down/up the final 7 mile dirt road so I can go faster. Then I have a truck in Keeler which I transfer to.

Finally, after lots of people suggested it, I started a Patreon for the town. Every dollar will go back into the town and rebuilding the hotel. I am also adding lots more cool stuff to each level, but for now here is a link if you want to support the monthly efforts to restore Cerro Gordo:

The newest residents of Cerro Gordo, seven of the finest little kittens you’d ever see.Recently, I got a call from a local farmer that said one of his feral cats dies one of the barn cats and she left behind seven kittens that he needed to get rid of. I wondered if I wanted to have him up here: Cerro Gordo so my morning start as cat mom eating these little babies and they’re so young. I have to eat him out of this syringe. So after sunrise and feeding the animals, I would love to go into my kitchen and cook myself breakfast, but unfortunately, the stove is out of gas and Cerro Gordo.

The moment has no running water, although we’re working on it and I’m almost out of food, which it seems like is always the case. So I gotta run a lone pine later to get some food, but for now I’m gonna go next door to the gordon house to cook breakfast. So my cabin is here gordon house is there the gordon house has the only working stove in the town right now you can see. We have these fires going on because of the river fire. So the view is just horrible compared to how it usually is. But that’s my cabin over there.

This is the gordon house, that’s where I cook breakfast, so you go in pretty much original stuff pool table and a working stove. All the stuff was here. When I got it, you got. You know that old coke ad. All this little china custom little bench breakfast is pretty much the same. Every morning I got eggs. I’m gonna hit the tortillas some smoked ham, a little breakfast burrito that’ll be lunch too, because today I don’t have too much food.

I gotta go alone pine to reload, but we got a original cast iron stove, pretty sweet, you’re, doing great, come back yeah, oh yeah, they’re, all assembling! You guys made it back good job, good job. You made it good job, good job, getting supplies at Cerro Gordo. It’s never the easiest feat. You know we’re at 8 500 feet up a mountain road that takes 30 minutes just down the road. Then you have to go out 25 more miles to lone pine. It’s about almost an hour and a half each way to get supplies, and I have to transfer cars during that. So it takes me most of the day, so I’m going to show you guys kind of what it takes to get supplies where I go keeler.

This is our little property and keeler that we’ve been working on a little bit. This is inside the keeler place. Eventually, we want this to be kind of like a lounge where people can come park their cars here. If they don’t have the right cars inside have a little shower refrigerator with some drinks, so they can wait and have somebody come pick them up if they don’t go in the right car. This is not a priority compared to something like the hotel. So we kind of use our funds for the hotel, but eventually some couches, a couple refrigerators bathroom, so the razor stays where my truck stays and Cerro Gordo different.

This is way back up there, but this truck is 2-0 drive, as you saw. Maybe my first video got stuck in the snow, so it lives down here and I use it only when I need to go to town and stuff, but keeler is pretty beautiful. You know It’s got view of all that view of that, and this is stop number one as I go to get supplies headed to lone pine baby, It’s beautiful huh, It’s smoky right now because of the fires, but still mount Whitney those hills right before the mountains. that’s the Alabama hills where they film a lot a lot of movies and behind it sequoia national park in mount Whitney, and this is the view I get every time I drive to lone pine, It’s a bit of a trek to get into town and to get The supplies, but It’s beautiful, tired of being hungry, so I’m going to get some food and that is uh miller’s towing.

If you come up to Cerro Gordo with the wrong car you’re going to burst your tires, you’re gonna stop there and meet. Mr. john miller who’s a very kind guy. This is lone pines airport busy, as always film history museum shout out to Chris Langley, one of the nicest guys in lone pine best western. You know about as good as it gets as far as uh hotels other than the dow villa I mean look, how ridiculous that is. that’s so beautiful every night just like that, and this is just entering lone. I gotta tell you, I love lone pine.

Every time I come here, I’m always surprised that more people don’t live in lone pine because it is awesome, It’s a little town. You pretty much see all of it in this shot already, but I mean look at you got mount Whitney right there in the views. Dalle villa is one of my favorite places to stay if I kind of want a day off the hill, It’s awesome, and this is the heart of it. This is downtown now any restaurant, great breakfast love going there merry-go-round, favorite dinner place in lone pine seasons, has a cool little bar in it, and we are headed to lone pine market one game in town.

As far as uh supplies go a little bit more water before I’m heading back. We just never have too much water up here. This isn’t enough really even for the week but more people as they come I’ll ask to bring hours for them to bring up water too, but this will get us started. The thing is, I got to get everything that I’m buying back into the razor.

So There’s only so much room. I’ve got the grocery store there right across the street, only hardware store for hours. So I am working on bringing the water back to Cerro Gordo. So I need to go get some pipe fittings before I get mail. You know just a casual one hour away from where I actually live, but I’m PO box 490. So if you ever want to send some mail, that’s the address, I don’t check it that often I get down here, maybe yeah once every week or two, but that’s badass.

Remember the jackman last time, hoodie t-shirt. Aha, seven! that’s the year that the jacket I found is from that’s cool, gotta, get this water put the groceries inside under that razor and get back up the hill already going to miss getting back to the hill before it gets dark. So I’m going to drive up this Whitney portal road that goes towards mount Whitney. I’m just gonna drive up into the Alabama hills a little bit. Hopefully yourself. Some light show you guys around eat some food drink, some water just relax for a second.

Before I go back up anytime, I get off the hill, It’s a little bit of a breather, but there we are Alabama hills, so we are not even three minutes from downtown lone pine. This is what you got. I mean come on right, so we are in the Alabama hills. I’m just going to stop and take a little break eat some food, but I mean I wasn’t going to make it back before the sunset at saragora anyway.

So may as well enjoy the sunset here. Rather than on the road right, right brent, so four or five hours after It’s begun, the supply run is done. I’m back! I’m feeding these little guys. I’m gonna feed myself uh, I’m probably not gonna leave the hell for another couple weeks, but I’m stocked up. Hopefully, you guys supply runs, are a little bit easier than mine and until next time I’ll see you later. Who are you? Where are you come here baby come here?

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