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Latitude / Longitude:

34°20′19″N 97°17′04″W / 34.33861°N 97.28444°W / 34.33861 -97.28444



Time Zone:

Central (CST) (UTC-6)


Woodford is an unincorporated community located in Carter County, Oklahoma. The townsite plat and cemetery are located within Section 34, Township 2 South, Range 1 West of the Indian Meridian. Its elevation is 932 feet. The zipcode is 73401. Woodford has its own telephone exchange, serviced by the Chickasaw Telephone Company. Phone numbers in Woodford are in the format 580-561-XXXX. The Woodford area had its own school district in the past, but it was closed as the community dwindled in population. Students in the area today attend school in the nearby towns of Springer, Lone Grove, or Fox.


The population of Woodford had already started to decline by 1930. In 1940, the census enumerated 138 residents. The school district and at least one church closed in the 1950s. The last remaining store closed in the late 1980s. The community still supports a volunteer fire department, however. Woodford is included in the book “Ghost Towns of Oklahoma”.





Current Status:

The present population of Woodford has decreased very much in the last few years. The people of Woodford have settled down to an almost strictly farming district. There are a few more different occupations here; Mr. Greer owns a “goobernut plant”, this gives Woodford a manufacturing plant. At present there are two churches in Woodford, a post office, two stores, and a garage. Woodford has an accredited high school. There are five teachers in the school system. Two miles north from Woodford there is a lake built by the city of Ardmore. This lake supplies Woodford and Ardmore with water.