Haunted Ghost Town In Colorado

EVP of a five-year-old girl spirit that has been seen around this Rocky Mountain ghost town!!! EVPs of spirits reacting to us.

I think can I do it is that’s what I’m as I’m cleaning our junk in my house, Brian, here’s the so this is like a little bedroom, the bathtubs the coolers. Out of anything, I heard that no watch, I’m picking up ghost stuff and you’re farting continue. You don’t know the length, you don’t know the length. How come you don’t refurbish it refurbish it?

That’s my parents. There was a previous owner and he’s the plan. He was before that he’s the planning, so is actually this kept swinging open. So I trimmed over like this, even like music. This and back up, you feel the breeze. So how did that come on down like that? I was really weird, and so there’s a well underneath here in this I think, used to be the old entrance, because this was just one room. That’S all it was you smell it. You walk away. You ask someone if I think I turned on the heat.

The heated floor, no, no, no you’re! So far from far from oh I’ll give you. I saw something: how old is this house scavenged materials? So where did some of the building material come from burned down several times? He actually some of the lumber here. The old fruit farmer has a burn marks on they just used it one little stranger, so yeah, that’s it’s quirky! Okay, so they like the interaction yeah. So my dad’s coding this stuff too. So I told about the whole thing we get ripped around my neck.

I told them to uh. This is my house. I need you to leave it in a problems for a long time until thought you came. Were you in the bathroom doing that yeah and in say again we wouldn’t happen well, what happened was digging the wall to put in the septic in the dirt has been bent down into the light they deployed, keep unconnected, swung wrapped twice around my neck and, of course it’s dark yeah.

I felt like somebody was standing behind me, so I thought somebody’s putting a joke or something it’s like gravity like a cord around my neck, just walks during the house, but felt like somebody was gonna side. Here he was just screwed of anything when you showed up things for like it really started to become when we’re after yeah.

This is cool. Weird weird, your sister girl in are you in here. Oh the stoves. Is this stove original? No, oh, that’s! Why use this stove nicer than the original stove? It’S older. She had gas, it was God, so this is more fitting with ridiculousness a mini Factory on the yellow house, and it’s not it’s good. It’S a different oven. It’S a little bit thinner metal. It was designated like early 2019. 10. 1920S.

It’s not an 1800 stove okay, so it’s really beautiful yeah. They cleaned it up, but it’s still not. It needs some work. Okay, but it’s got all the meat. Well, that’s really cool. It’S missing some parts. Let me run a little bit in here. I know I’m saying if I was in here by myself, I’m telling you Taylor and I freaked out leaning in here. We both didn’t want to look in here. We kind of leaned I’m gonna walk back over the house.

Place says the name of one of the people in the grave one of the graves that was running that wasn’t it good there you go. You didn’t talk before you got to do it again: uh-oh where’s, Lou,

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