I’ve Been Living In A Ghost Town For 9 Months

I’ve been living at Cerro Gordo for 9 months! How crazy is that? I came up here in March to socially distance and fill in for our caretaker. I thought I was packing for a few weeks.

Boy was I wrong. 9 months later and this is my home now. Where I want to be when I’m not here. A lot different than my comfortable Austin apartment I left all those months ago. There have been ups and downs for sure, but I’ve learned a lot along the way. I feel more comfortable and confident in the task at hand every day. Thank you all so much for checking out these videos. I really enjoy sharing this place and interacting with everyone.

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I gotta be honest guys It’s not looking good so I have a stainless steel time capsule, that’ll put down in there you thought digging through that dump for once is a good idea but look at this one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, full bottles, already. In this tiny little hillside, my name is brent, and this is Cerro Gordo, California and this town used to be the largest producer of silver for the state of California.

Once upon a time, this town had four thousand residents in over 500 buildings. These days, There’s one resident that resident being me and for the past nine months this has been my home where I eat sleep, work play all the above and a lot happens in nine months. A lot can happen to a town. A lot can happen to a person, and this month, particularly, was very interesting. There was a lot of highs, a few frustrations, some treasure that I found some treasure that I’m still looking for there was motorcycle, rides mine exploration, building, renovations, all sorts of stuff, and that’s what this video is gonna get into so without further ado.

This is month nine living in an abandoned ghost town. I think over the last nine months, I’ve gone just the right amount of crazy compared to how my life used to be anyway, I mean nine months ago I was living in Austin Texas. I had a comfortable apartment, I could do crazy things like turn on my shower and the water would start right up. I could walk to the grocery store, wash my dishes, but now I live dozens of miles from the closest town or human being, and I spend the majority of my days talking to myself whether It’s on camera or working through my issues up here. But I wouldn’t really have it any other way. I love it up here I mean There’s this quote that says what man needs is not a tensionless state but a goal worthy of his striving It’s by Viktor Frankl, and I relate to that because I think in Austin my life was pretty tensionless.

You know not. that’s not to say it was easy that everything was a walk in the park, but up here everything is a challenge. Taking a shower is a challenge. Washing dishes is a challenge. Getting food is a challenge trying to rebuild a hotel at 8 500 feet at the end of a seven-mile. The dirt road is a huge challenge and it just takes so many different problem-solving parts of my brain that I feel for the first time. I’m just kind of firing on all cylinders. You know this task that I’ve inherited or that I’ve taken upon myself requires pretty much all of me, but I love that feeling.

You know I think in Austin I was comfortable and I was looking for that challenge. That test – and I certainly got it here – you know nine months ago – I didn’t know how to operate heavy machinery. I didn’t know that much about exploring mines taking videos even but I’ve learned them and that’s how they say that I’m great at any of those things. But I try to become a little bit better every day and I think that’s striving and that feedback that hey you’re learning these new things, particularly you know at the age. I am it, it feels awesome.

You know it just feels exciting, motivating every day to learn something new and to be required to learn something new, and I just feel much more confident now than ever that I’m up to the task at hand. You know this town, I’m going to dedicate my life to and nine months ago. I didn’t think that I could necessarily handle all the challenges that were coming my way and there are challenges I never would have anticipated, but I think each day that you’re up here and each day you strive to learn the things that I need to learn.

I become more comfortable and more confident than hey. I could really pull this thing off, not to get too in my head about it, but I do think I was here before you know. I think There’s a place and task for everybody and I feel like i. Finally came home and that this has been waiting for me, my whole life, and now It’s just up to me to execute on it. Let’s talk American hotel so if you’ve been following this channel for a while, you’ll know that in June of this year we lost the American hotel after kind of licking my wounds for a little bit, I’ve been dedicating my life pretty much from sun up to sundown.

To try to get that thing open by the summer of 2021, and so at first, there were the steps of just cleaning up the site, which took a number of weeks just to get the debris out of there. Then there were permits, and so with all that out of the way. Finally, about two months ago, I thought we were off to the races, and so the first step was to build a basement, and the next step was getting this basement made and it seemed easy enough. You know I had people lined up, they were gonna. Do it and we were gonna get this basement done before the winter and then in the spring, everything was gonna go up.

The difficulty laid in the fact that concrete is very heavy and you get 90 yards of concrete, which is quite a bit of concrete up a seven-mile. The dirt road is very difficult, and so there aren’t very many concrete companies in the area and the ones that are in the area decided they don’t really want to bring their concrete trucks up the road. So I started scrambling. You know you start looking into different options and I’ll go through the options that I went through so number one. So apparently helicopters can fly up concrete, wet or they can bring up the supplies to create concrete and you can mix concrete on-site and pour it.

You have to get mixers, There’s like one yard, mixers, 3rd mixers, etc. That sounded cool. I thought the production level I was thinking. Oh I’m going to follow it with a drone, I’m going to create such a beautiful video for the channel, and then I got the quote: 167 thousand dollars and change. I will mix concrete by hand in wheelbarrows in negative degree weather before I pay 167, not that I even have 167 thousand dollars for concrete to get up here. So with that eliminated, I started poking around you know what else could we do?

Somebody took me off that mammoth lakes, a ski resort, about two hours north of here – has these six-wheel-drive concrete beasts, and these are specifically made to pour concrete or to bring concrete up mountainous areas and the ski area uses them to pour the ski lifts. So imagine just driving straight at the ski mountain and pouring concrete at 14 000 feet. So I was given the number of the guy that runs mammoth. I called him to his credit. He answered he listened to what I was trying to do and he came out two days later. You know he wasted no time he came up inspected. The road told me hey no problem.

If you’d like I’ll rent you my trucks, unfortunately, even with the truck, we were still running into the same issue, we can’t find anybody to supply the concrete, There’s actually a concrete plant, one mile from the base of the mountain just north of keeler. But the plant has been inactive for a number of years and they even took out the hot water heater. So basically for us to use the trucks we need somewhere to get the concrete and we could get the concrete from there. But they have to reopen the whole plant and they’re hesitant to do so for just one job, and so at the moment as it stands, I got the rebar coming.

The rebar will be at the bottom of the hill. In a number of days, I got the mini x ready to dig the trenches that we need for it, so everything’s ready to go, I’m ready to pour and I’ve been radiating for a while, but I just can’t get anybody to supply the concrete which, among the Frustrating things up here. This has been one of the more frustrating things just because you know there are things in your control and out of your control and things in my control. I’ll work till my hands bleed I’ll work from sun up till sundown I’ll push around the dirt in the loader until midnight with floodlights on, but there’s certain things I just can’t do myself and one of those is poured and create a basement or get concrete up Here – and it just seems that we’re running into a lot of roadblocks getting the supplies up here, which is understandable, It’s a very remote location, It’s difficult to get things done here.

I think the difficulty of this project is something that interests me. It’s part of the reason I love it is there are so many different levels of challenge from getting concrete to permitting to everything else. But if you have any ideas of how to get 90 yards of concrete up here feel free to comment below if you’re gonna say hey, why don’t you mix it on-site? We have thought about that. The other issue is, is getting a mixer up to the site itself. And I can’t find one in the area and b, It’s also a very difficult road to get a mixer up, but we may be able to get three-yard mixers up and keep them running enough to pour the sections as we need them.

So, since the American hotel progress is kind of stymy we’re at a sticking point, I find other uses for the loader and one of these uses is cutting in new roads. So there are three little old cabins that are upon the hillside, just above Cerro Gordo, and these are original cabins, where the wood is basically falling over. You know these things that are kind of on their last leg, and so I thought, since I can’t work on the hotel given what’s going on with the concrete, I could put some of my energy towards these cabins and maybe recreate one of the three potential projects that I want to work on this month include you see that little falling down cabin right there, you see that little one there and you see that one there I’m going to restore one of them and restore them quickly before the winter because you know this hillside used to be scattered with all sorts of old miners cabins, now, There’s three left basically and they’re.

Basically, the shelves of their former selves that one, the closest one you can see still has a roof on it. So It’s doing pretty good that one down there by the power poles doesn’t have the roof. But let’s go investigate these three and we’ll pick out the best option of which one to try to you know at least seal back up and make campable before the winter. All right option number one is the biggest option and the facade on the front of it is still in okay shape, okay shape. I should say It’s still there, but as you see, if you were to look into this one, the dirt is filled in pretty good.

So you have to kind of lift this wall back or actually, it might even be too far gone. What you need to do is undo this wall. Put it to the side, get the loader up here somewhere cut in a road level. This all-out move all the material over here. Take this part level this out and then you’d have a beautiful view of the town, so this will be option one. So this is the beautiful option, number two much smaller, as you can tell, but the walls I’m in much better shape. I mean this is just uh clearing this out some structural work, and this is back to being a little cabin. This isn’t nearly as much work as the other ones. It’s even a chimney still from the stove with great views of the of Mount Whitney.

The downside is your view out your front window. Two big old electrical poles number three, this one also not fully falling over like the first one, It’s slightly bigger than the second one. Oh look at that and it has a very cool little crawl space basement thing in the back of it, um There’s even some wood floor down. Obviously, all this would have to come up and redo it plenty of material, though the roof, much better shape than the second one. For the most part, amazing views of sequoia national park, It’s the closest to town, that’s a bit of a problem that whole wall, but I mean all these are pretty much.

You have to take the wood out level it with the loader and go from there, but I kind of like this little weird back crawl space basement thing. Oh obviously, we need to redo all the roofing on that too, but look at that square nails! that’s how you know It’s really old, so the decision on the cabin is not the top one, not the bottom one, but the middle one. Not only is it in the best shape, but it also has this road going to it, and so what I’m going to do? First is to clean up this road a little bit, because we’re gonna need to use the road to bring materials and etc, hopefully, create a little room over by the cabin to be able to clear the pad of the cabin a little bit too.

I’m hoping if we could take off a wall or something I could pull out the rock that’s inside of it and level it out, and also you can see in the front there see how it just kind of drops off. I’m thinking to extend the dirt out a little bit to create a front porch and maybe clear if I can somehow get beyond this pole. What I probably have to do is get dirt put it over here to create a road around the pole. This way, and if the road goes along this way, then over there could be a beautiful porch, just overlooking this, which would be pretty beautiful. So I think the first step clear this road and what’s interesting about this, is like, as you can see, this used to be a road up here, and this is the original yellow grade road at Cerro Gordo.

So this was the original road that people use to come in and out so you can see, there are old structures all along with it, It’s a very historic road, and so maybe one day I keep clearing it and getting these great views and that road was only created Afterwards, but this was the original yellow grade road and as you walk along it see all the cribbing like the rocks they put up to hold it in. I mean I kind of like it overgrown, but if we’re gonna, if I’m gonna put more stuff up here, then clearing it could be beneficial like look at some of these building sites way out here. This obviously was something here. There’s a wall almost like a porch.

You know that would just be beautiful views that way and then beautiful views back into the town. So the first step. Let’s start with that one along this road and who knows over the years I might just plop in some more cabins along here, give some more a good view all right and just like that, let’s let the road clear to the new cabin begin, a little hidden. Surprise, you know these roads are original roads at Cerro Gordo and along the roads. There used to be tons of different cabins and you have tons of cabins. You have tons of people.

If you have tons of people you have tons of stuff, which I you know you kind of understand, but as you’re cutting in this road, some of this stuff revealed itself in a way that I never wanted treasure you thought taking that dump for months is a good idea, but look at this one, two, three, four, five, six, seven full bottles already in this tiny little hillside, and so we can get them on camera more. This obviously used to be lined with cabins and miners would sit out here, throwing the bank and overtime dirt-filled it in and look at this I mean this bottle after bottle: oh boom, oh yes, you’ve got a cork in it and everything There’s more under there, too, that one’s just a neck. Unfortunately, that’s okay.

That one feels like a solid one. Oh, bonus bottle. Look at that look. How many were just such a tight spot? I wonder why so many models right next to each other. Maybe the guy who lived here really likes to drink, that’s insane to think that this road is never being cut in and these bottles would never be found, but oh come on baby untouched. Look at that! So what does that make that makes three? Is this one full three? Four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten! Maybe eleven I mean I imagine I spend the rest of the afternoon. Just digging through this you’d find all sorts of stuff all right.

I’m gonna come back here, but already one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, bottles. I bet There’s another 14 in there, but let me show you this road so the idea here there used to be no road here so take dirt over there put it in here flatten it create a road to this cabin. The point is not to use this cabin is to create a building site behind the cabin [ Music ], so this site one day, we’ll have a cabin on it. That will have beautiful views not only of the whole town but also Mount Whitney, and this is a secret little mine here. So the idea is, don’t tell anybody outside of everybody watching. This is imagined this, so this mine put a bookshelf here.

Cabin over here bookshelf here slide the bookshelf boom private mine. Nobody knows it and then once It’s built backfill dirt all over it. So nobody ever knows There’s a mine here. So the only way to get in is the mine. Then you go back here. You slide open your tunnel flip the light switch and the whole mine is illuminated with LEDs all the way to the back. Now that is cool. If I know cool, I don’t really, but that is cool and you walk back out into your little cabin that’ll be situated, probably at an angle here, so you can see Mount Whitney and all that turn around see the mine pretty good huh.

I did a lot of work, but I think it was worth it because you can always rebuild the road. You can never refine. The treasure put that on my tombstone down there graceful bottle. Oh man, look at that! Oh oh, corking and everything. Oh man say something: no, oh, it does say something: oh, like no you’re, just like medicine or something look. 60. 40. 20. All right folks, as you can see after I hand, dug I need to make sure I didn’t miss a single bottle in this. It’s got another fuel backhoe and when all the boats are tallied 32 bottles, can you believe that 32 different bottles, a lot of say brandy on them? somewhere, like that these blue ones, with the applied lips? This one has something that I can’t really make out.

Look at that cork still in it shoot 32 bottles in one shoe, I should say all out of all this was not There’s nothing in all that all of it was in this tiny little pocket right here. 32 bottles – I spent months finding four bottles 32 right here in one dig and you know where the 32 hours are going to go right into the new American hotel right there behind the bar you’re, going to walk into the American hotel next summer 2021 and see Some of this man – that’s awesome. Let me show you some of my favorites so that that’s pretty cool. This is the only embossed one. If you look, it says bottled by ea, Fargo, and co wholesale liquors, san Francisco cow, There’s a little newer bottle. It’s only embossed one so that one is very cool. These ones are the brandy There’s our brandy on them, brandy, Grandy with the cork still in pork cork.

This probably a wine bottle because of the invention in the bottom cork still fully in very cool, and I really like these aqua bottles, see pork aqua, bottle, aqua bottle and look. There’s my little collection from the hotel dump up on that shelf and that long one and then this is all from that road. Yesterday. That was an unexpected surprise and it made me smile, particularly after the frustration of the concrete in the American hotel, but the road’s cut now so the road’s finished, and that opens up the possibility of rebuilding this cabin and so to rebuild the cabin.

I need wood and yes, There’s wood around that’ll be for the facade so for the outside to make it look like it blends in and I’ll use the wood that’s already there, but there needs to be some good structural wood. So, as I was exploring mine not too long ago, I realized There’s this one mine at Cerro, where everything is pristine things the boards look brand new off the shelf. I guess the moisture and temperature are perfect in that mine, where It’s not too wet. It’s not too dry and everything just looks great, so my current plan is to scavenge wood out of this old mine to bring back to rebuild one of these small cabins on the hillside.

Right here we are headed up that way, so another source of wood is right. There, that’s another mine, that’s wood, that’ll be beautiful for Cerro Gordo from the same period, so that will eventually come, but that’s not for the cabins. that’s probably for the hotel. Look at this view. You can kind of see the outline of our owns like used to be a seizure, and just like that, over to our wood source, the wood plug. If you will, let me take you in I’m sure you’re working with how’s your thank you thank brett, taking those beams that are supporting all the rock It’s a terrible idea.

Luckily, I’m not taking those I’m taking. So that’s on the ground. So, as we go back, you’ll see none of this. It’s too dangerous we’re just gonna kind of hurry. On past this beam, that’s going in the cabin beam. that’s going in the cabin beam! that’s going in the cabin bean beam. You know the drill, as we go further shelf look beams. It’s my flooring for my new cabin right there floor, ignore that rock that fell from the ceiling support beam for the cabin look at this laying on the ground jackpot this to answer.

Your question is where I’m gonna get wood for the little cabins. You know you gotta do with what we have up here. I can’t be going out and buying a bunch of wood when we’re trying to build a hotel, so floor. You guys see the point, There’s a lot of wood here, gonna get it somehow get it back to the town and build a cabin use, wood from the mines to rebuild a mining cabin. I mean that seems as appropriate as it gets, so it would be wasted. Otherwise, I don’t want to waste wood, particularly yeah, given the financial strain of everything else, so, in an ideal situation, I’d love to get this hand-hewn wood. Just look at that.

That is just beautiful to me. Every single little bit of Cerro Gordo is endlessly fascinating and kind of like endlessly important to this town. He is somebody that cared about it to continue on the history here, and I feel that obligation and that opportunity has been handed to me and so I’m going to work every day to make sure that I live up to that. I think when you truly believe that a task is important and that It’s worthwhile It’s much easier to do it, and I truly think that restoring Cerro Gordo was important. So that’s why I truly think that restoring these cabins are important.

So, even when I’m having to do stuff like dig out the dirt of the foundation, which seems very basic and like wasting time, you know why are you digging around the dirt? Well, because It’s bringing another building back to life here at Cerro Gordo, which is helping bring Cerro Gordo as a whole back to life, and I hope one day you can make it out here just to see how special this place is in person, because It’s one thing To talk about it, There’s nothing to see it. in the spirit of not letting the backhoe go to waste almost every night. This month around six.

When I get all my other work done, I get to go play at six o’clock. The rest of my work is done, and so I’m headed over to the omega put in a couple of hours over there and play for me this month is trying to get into the omega tunnel and, as I’ve said in other videos, There’s a mine just over the Backside of the of Cerro Gordo called the omega, and the omega is important for a number of reasons. First and most important, the omega is a direct line into the union mine and the union mine here at Cerro. Gordo is the main mine. It’s the mine with multiple levels, 30 miles of mine going everywhere and that’s where they pull the majority of the 500 million dollars of the silver that they pulled out of the mountain. And so this mine has been collapsed for 50 60 80 years.

Even and it leads directly into the 200 level of the mine, which is a very interesting level – I just heard rumors of this, and so over the past few months. I’ve been trying to get in so it began as just kind of light. Scraping then got the backhoe moved out of dynamite and each time nothing. Each time I hold my breath. Thinking hey. This is the time It’s going to blow up and a perfect tunnel is going to look back. The tunnel is going to be lined with Levi’s jeans and bars of silver did not happen and said it was this rock and rock and rock, and so almost every night this month I was back there scraping away the rock trying to get there and after a while, I just lost hope you know it just seemed like I wasn’t digging in the right area. I dug way past where I thought the interest must be so, as I’ve been clearing the omega I kind of like using up all the side of this road.

I was digging in, and so I’ve started dumping the door over here, which is the old tailing pile. What I’m going to do here is just flatten all this out into a pad, because I mean look at these views. If nothing else, I think it’ll just start as like picnic tables, because I can’t do structure as you can see, I’m not the perfect pad maker, but I’m trying so I’ll flatten. All this out picnic tables and so in the summer. Just have that view for picnic tables would be amazing, so There’s my pad the more dirt I pull out the closer I get to my little pad.

There’s a bfr turn a lot of bfrs in there, but here’s my pad coming soon picnic tables and then I’m standing there and you look and you look at the tailing pile and you look at the entrance and it seems like It’s a little bit higher than the tailing pile so, instead of digging back, why not dig down to see if you can dig into the actual tunnel time to clock in another night shift over the omega It’s about 6:30, this night, so maybe I’ve just been digging on top of the entire shaft for days weeks now so I’m headed over now plan is dig down. I gotta, be honest guys, It’s not looking good.

I am far below where I thought it started and any potential hole I had been seeing and I got nothing. that’s standing out. I mean you’d figure eventually would just collapse down into it. I mean, maybe that’s a little bit like backfill nope. It’s just not looking good There’s nothing down here. That indicates that there was ever anything but the rock here, like so kind of on the night, that I was ready to give up the night, I was ready to throw in the towel and stop wasting my time.

I decided to stick straight down and, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, may I present to you the omega tunnel boom baby there. It is months weeks there is the portal to the omega tunnel. This doesn’t mean that you can get into it. As you see, It’s very much just collapsed in this wood. I’m not getting underneath this wood to risk my life, but at least It’s here to see we’re going way up. There imagine the treasures that are right here. Oh man, this is real Indiana Jones-type stuff, find a map here of something dig can’t find it with a loader.

You can’t find with a backhoe can’t find it with dynamite and, finally, after all that, we got to get in the work continues. I’m running low on fuel, so it might be it for tonight, but what a night last night I gotta be honest. I was about ready to give up. I was like you know what this isn’t here, I’m looking in the wrong place. I’m wasting my time and now this is literally wood from the portal of the omega tunnel at south order. History is what it is all right night, two back now that I know where it is. If I dig out all that is a little bit get into this thing, a lot of what I’m pulling out now is timber. You know it was. It exclusively rocked for a long time and now There’s just as I’m taking apart, that portal entrance There’s thick beams of wood everywhere, there are some better ones all right.

Let’s give it a look at where It’s at. I have to be extremely careful because all that rock up there is a huge rock that could fall right down there. Oh man, you see that crap falling everywhere, not even that one right there. If that one fails, I’m gonna stay back. Keep my eye on that. But look! This is the entrance It’s interesting now, looking at it and realizing how much further down the shaft is, we’re actually making it worse by doing the dynamite way up there. It’s just collapsing on this rock that now has to somehow move and realistically what I need to do is kind of take in these banks and probably create a slope down here I mean the shaft obviously goes all that here.

Here’s a side beam that had been coming in hugging this going right into that almost looks like see how It’s getting looser there. Oh, is that a hole? The adventure continues over there. You know. I now know that it is in fact what the omega tunnel is. There’s timbering, It’s collapsed. You know it could be collapsed, all the way into the union mine. It could be clouds for hundreds of feet and I could never get in, but it could not be, it could open up and there could be those Levi’s and silver bars that I’m looking for. As far as a cat update this month, I got some temptations sent to me by some people. I also got something else: that’s very interesting, but also a giant bag. Catnip kitties ken goods, preparing for the winner, kittens cats.

Oh, they’ve been using the string, hello, There’s one for the rest here you want some of this. Let’s try, some of that, give it a shot. Look how big you are, oh using the scratch post. That was also a gift from a viewer. So, thank you very much hello cat, hello, hello, hello! Yes, yes, yes, that’s! Food! Okay, apply some information and some catnip. It’s just a feast here, you’re, so big now here I go full-grown cat, Gordo guys are just waking up. Huh, you sleep all day. You know we’re supposed to be working around here. Oh, fancy, cat uh, oh there he is the star of the show, go to the cat.

Yes, yes, how are you, oh Gordo’s, under the catnip Gordo loves the catnip Gordo’s. Only gets turned up, let’s go to have some temptations, you guys are so big, and so pretty these days get back to your little warm house, oh play with the catnip uh. Oh portal, you’re a full-grown cat, no longer a little kitten. A little purr, all right guys, peace out, I gotta, go back to work, stay safe, There’s your cat update. This is an updated view of the Gordo house. If you haven’t seen it very fancy. Huh little pool table action, more bread from that. The best brick and better hide this.

So the cats don’t get to lie cats. The cats are out to play, all right guys, I’m out peace. Somebody this month sent me a calf blanket which I can assume is only for tofu or one of the goats, as It’s too big for a cat and too small for me. So we’re gonna try to put that on tofu. Somebody else sent me goat treats, so you know what let’s go play with the goats for a little bit: hi, goats, hey tofu, hello, guys, hello, hello, hello! All right! Let me income on I’m coming in. Let’s start off with some treats! Oh, I know you guys are excited yeah, yeah, yeah, all right. Oh, calm, down, hey back up! that’s a knife!

I know you miss me I’ll be back soon. Well, folks, there it is a completed outhouse and I do feel like I’m spending a little bit too much time on updates about an outhouse, but I mean look at this thing: we’re talking windows through the outhouse roofs on the door. There’s insulation in this thing. Look at the inside boom, oh oh tongue, and groove floor ceiling. I mean you told me this is not the nicest house you’ve ever seen. This is the view, and I tell you some comments said – leave the paint, so I think the paint’s going to stay overtime, it’ll, weather and it’ll be a unique little addition to Cerro Gordo wow.

This helps everybody that’s visiting Cerro Gordo. It doesn’t help me very much way over there, and so I realized as It’s getting colder, It’s less and less fun to walk to an outhouse of any distance, and so today, with the backhoe I’m going to try to start another outhouse up there house is over There this is my cabin and I think the site will be here next to this. Water tank has good views, kind of out of the way and I’ll have access to my place and Gordo down there and so yeah. What do you think outhouse? that’s what’s inside! Thank you guys for your feedback.

I appreciate that as always insane human beings talking to themselves in the middle of nowhere. Let’s say: we’ve got an, because I am about six-two and my head’s about there. So this is just over six feet. Deep. Should be plenty deep, oh you know guys I should put it on here just kind of as a cruel trick, a time capsule. Yes, the time capsule will be covered by lots of uh outhouse material over the years, but given enough time it will turn into organic matter. So I, after my last time, capsule people told me to get a stainless steel one, so I have a stainless steel time capsule that I’ll put down in there. So this is the time capsule this time.

As you can see It’s stainless steel and on amazon, It’s even got like a seal on it and you put screws in It’s going down there, I’m putting it in the out in the new house. What you should do is, if you have any ideas once you go into this time, a capsule that’s going in there comment below. Maybe some humorous things given the fact of where It’s going, but I’m going to do ideas drop them below. Let me hear what you got for the old outhouse time capsule. Another exciting update this month is my dirt bike and a dirt break something I’ve been thinking about for a while.

You know, There’s been a 450 dirt bike up here for quite a while as an older one, never having ridden a dirt bike before in my life, the 450s is a little bit too big for me, particularly on trails. I want to be able to take it to trails to far away mines, and so I did a hike. Three weeks ago I put a video up, and I saw all these trails that I wanted to hike, but also looked possible to get by on a dirt bike. So I researched dirt bikes asked for some suggestions ended up getting a 250 cc off of marketplace.

I got a great deal, I thought it was a great deal. I got this bike and It’s been kind of nothing but disaster. It’s low compression. It doesn’t like the elevation, It’s very difficult to start, but I worked on that for a while got it running. Okay and I just having a blast, you know I’ve been going too faraway mines, just exploring parts of the property that would have taken me months to explore by foot. So the dirt bikes been a big improvement this month, even in my busiest moments up here, I find time to reflect find time to let myself clarify what’s important and that’s a big improvement for the last nine months.

I think in Austin There’s always something to do. You know you’re, always distracting yourself from the main task at hand. Whether that’s you know right now. I need to get the supply from the grocery store to make lunch, or this needs to happen, or this needs to happen. When I first came to the town I found it happening here, you know. Suddenly I had to replace this door on this cabin. that’s been broken for 120 years and for me, if I become busy truly busy just filling with tasks that aren’t important, then I know that I’m anxious you know that’s my response to anxiety. It’s just become busy to throw tasks in front of me, so I don’t have to think about it.

Whatever is making me anxious. I bet a lot of us do this. You know, I think you know when you don’t want to confront things. It’s very tempting to throw all these minuscule tasks in front of yourself. So that way, you don’t have to address what’s at hand, but I think for me what I’ve learned up here is, if I find myself doing that, if I find myself running around like a chicken with his head chopped off trying to do all these tasks, then That day, instead of taking maybe an hour to myself, maybe I should take two you know.

Maybe I should check out at 3 pm instead of 4, go get lost, take a hike and leave the phone behind, and I think I’ve become a lot better at that. In the last nine months, and as far as myself, my personal growth – It’s been one of the biggest realizations I’ve had you know a dirt, bike’s new to me, but being a beginner, you have to fully focus on the task at hand to just not die. You know, and so all the little worries all these little anxieties go away and all I’m focused on is that road in front of me.

You know that rock. That might throw me off course. At the same time, the trail is kind of laid out for you. So you’re just going enjoying the moment feeling the breeze taking all the nature in it’s. This flow state, where the rest of the world, as I’m riding just melts away, and you get this tunnel vision and up here the two places I find it are riding the dirt bike and exploring the abandoned mines. And It’s one of my favorite two things to do and two things that I had no interest or experience in nine months ago.

So a lot of changing these nine months, both with the property and with myself, and I can only hope that these next nine months hold a similar amount of growth for both me and the property. that’s it this month. You know It’s been an amazing month up here, my ninth month up here. I am so glad that you guys are following along the adventure. One of my favorite parts of the week is just getting to share Cerro Gordo on YouTube. I try to be in the comments a lot, so if you have any ideas for future videos leave them below. If you have suggestions ideas, let me know if you haven’t already please subscribe to the channel.

I got a number of messages recently from people saying that they don’t know when new videos go out. I believe, even if you’re subscribed, you have to click a notification button. It’s like a bell. So if you want to know every time a new video comes up, please click that bell as well as subscribe. If you haven’t already, but as always, I thank you guys so much for checking this out. It’s just so cool.

Knowing that I get to share this cool town with so many people from all over the world, really brightens my week every week. So I thank you guys truly for watching these videos following along. that’s it that’s all. I hope you guys have a great week. I’m gonna try to have a great week up here. Ride on a dirt bike move around some dirt, maybe get some concrete. Who knows, but stay tuned, a lot more coming, and until then, I’m brent signing out here at Cerro Gordo.

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