Zip Code:


Latitude / Longitude:

37°0’1″N 94°50’37″W


840 ft (256 m)

Time Zone:

Central (CST) (UTC-6)


Treece is a ghost town in Cherokee County, Kansas, United States. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 138.


Treece and neighboring former cities Picher, Cardin and Douthat were formed as a result of mining operations in the early 20th century. Realtor J. O. Treece lent the town his name. The first post office in Treece was established in 1917. Treece was a major supplier of lead, zinc, and iron ore. During its maximum production, Treece and Picher combined had a  of over 20,000 and produced $20 billion worth of ore mainly during World War I and World War II. After the 1970s, ore production declined rapidly as did the city’s .





Current Status:

As of May 2012 the city was abandoned and most buildings and other facilities demolished due to pervasive problems with lead pollution resulting from past mining. Two people who had refused an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) buyout remained.


It is located less than a mile north of Picher, Oklahoma, a town which has been closed due to lead pollution, and its residents’ property bought out by the Environmental Protection Agency. Residents of Treece were also demanding a buy-out, but at first were not certain of receiving one. As of September 2009, it was reported that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wanted to clean up the soil in Treece, instead of moving its residents away. Congress, however, passed an environmental appropriations bill on October 29, 2009, that authorizes the EPA to buy out the town. Residents had until August 31, 2010 to apply for a Federal buyout and offers are to be made to the 80 residents who applied in December. As of May 2, 2012 only one couple has rejected the buyout offer and remain in Treece living in a double-wide trailer. Other than their location all other facilities in the former city have been sold, moved, or demolished. In 2012, the State of Kansas officially disincorporated the city of Treece.