Route 66 Day 4 – Ghost Towns And Bees

We started our day in Texas, where we set off to visit Cadillac Ranch, but not before stopping 100 times to see all of the cool stuff along Route 66 in Texas. From abandoned motels to quiet ghost towns, Route 66 has it all.

Some of the true rustic Americana really begins to shine through these areas as we head further west. We visited the ghost towns of Cuervo, New Mexico, and Glenrio, New Mexico. This was my third time visiting Cuervo, but only my first time visiting Glenrio. We came across Glenrio just by chance that it was another empty town on 66.

Yeah, It’s good! It’s just It’s pretty dry out here! Are you talking to my girlfriend shoes, look up here in Texas. It’s fifty-something degrees right now, probably like 62 and around three or four, It’s gonna be a hundred degrees. that’s a bit of a change for the day the grass out here is super dry on fire for your warning, we’re on extreme fire warning. There are some spicy boys by the tree out there John’s about to put his hand in some spicy boy, stay tuned.

Oh yeah, we are on our way to Cadillac Ranch. We just found this bus or trailer whatever it is, or stopping to grab some photos of this got nice blue skies, starting to warm up outside It’s gonna be a hundred degrees in a bit. We are headed back on route, we’re on our way to Cadillac Ranch. We might stop it like eight million other things in between because route 66 is really cool but other than that we are on our way.

I’ve muted a tail. So we just found this really cool motel and a restaurant over here on 66 in Texas. No, this town specifically is really cool fake cowboy across the street. I think I’m pissing his dogs off even got a Texas, a concrete Texas right here in front of the motel. It’s really cool, I feel like we were making this guy’s dog so mad right now, I feel really bad. Oh, look at that. We just keep stopping like every 10 feet again from route 66 bro. I got the CBD oil in the back. You know check It’s a really cool town. We just keep stopping over and over again.

I think we’re never gonna get out of here we’re never gonna make it to Cadillac Ranch. We stopped again. We made it like that. Far from that, we were over there right there in a little corner into this bus car. He just took a tiny piece of a bus and welded it onto his car. We are officially in the desert, so we’re entering basically the center of a bunch of wind farms. There are windmills every apparently there’s a water tower of Pisa in the group, Leaning Tower of Pisa, so we’re 12 miles from the room right now, so we made it to green and there is this water tower that is just tilted.

I mean It’s coming off the ground graffiti. On the best side, bears have just clobbered me. So we just left Cadillac Ranch a minute ago, I’m still spitting dust out of my mouth yeah. I was so dusty there, but we’re on our way to Vega after Vega we’re going to be hitting Cuervo. We are on the old stretch, lately, a stretch of old 66 going through right next to 40. It’s actually pretty interesting.

So, like we route 66 and going this way, the Cuervo is gonna. Take us three hours. But if we hopped right over there and we take us to, I actually have. So we just came and look at that. Just look. How empty, so we ended up stumbling into this old motel off 66 right as we entered New Mexico, we just keep stopping down the road like every 10 seconds. There’s a ton of stuff. We just stopped at one spot that was really cool, but the dude had a bunch of dogs and, like probably like 8,000, no trespassing signs, so no other bullet holes or something someone came here and shot it up that Mister Rogers nope. that’s just some guys.

Let’s live mid-winter blues mid-winter out here. What what is mid-winter out here like watching for scorpions yeah, definitely watch out for scorpions. What’s that say, 2003 hug fling birthday, oh okay! Somebody was studying farm safety. These are records from January 93, though yeah Texas farm labor handbook. So I guess I’m gonna hop over into this house see what the house is like.

What yeah There’s like a hundred flying around here, okay, There’s just one. I thought there was more watch out for that wasp right. There he’s something. I got a nest right up there. Just don’t bother him hey. Oh, this is cool. that’s cool! Yeah! Oh, look! There’s mayonnaise! Oh, that’s! Wait! that’s not mayonnaise! Is it. What is there? that’s salsa holes, the ceilings gonna fall apart right. There yeah there are wasps in this house they’re wasps everywhere. Here your autofocus is so loud.

I mean this is just the remnants of an old town that it used to be here, so we’re driving 66, and we see the sign and it just turns into a straight dirt road. So we’re gonna see, I guess how this goes or like what is along with an I mean, like think of the stuff that we can ply flying along this section of road. So we decided to turn back around because the road got pretty ridiculous and it was kind of going off the trail.

We have no idea what road this actually is. I think It’s 66, but even on the map, it just kind of ends and a lot of red dirt. Now, the further we get into New Mexico being Cuervo forty-five miles, so the wind has not died down at all. I know you can even hear me. It says Cuervo up on that hill. They do. I know like trying to go up there, There’s a hole in them.

You want to go for it at one point, people were putting stuff in the church here like there were underwear and some weird notes that sounded like you know. Someone was like molesting somebody and It’s kind of creepy and weird, and they moved them from the church to another building here at another building and then they eventually just disappeared, and nobody really knows where it came from or why so yeah check this out.

This is the upstairs I’m just gonna. Do a quick panning shot, because this wood is gonna fall apart, but yeah It’s a cool, light cool structure. I don’t know what this is. It goes down real far, though so, really strange. There’s this bag of coins. It’s just like It’s a bag of quarters, dimes, whatever just a bunch of silver coins tied to a rope in the front of this church, no idea what this is about kind of want to know, there’s a dollar in the door.

There’s a dollar in the door and a quarter oh-ho, It’s windy! Oh my god. It’s with there’s so much stuff in here, ladybugs, more tigers, Birds evening, a Keith as a cool chair. Look at all these frogs! Oh my god! There are so many frogs up next on my strange addiction, frogs dude come here. Does your mom like frogs? This is a bomb! Oh wait! that’s only ample these hats!

There you go, There’s your cowboy hat, so the Sun is setting over New Mexico homemade fudge. We are on our way to Albuquerque’s we’re gonna, be the in about an hour. This guy’s pretty clear. Do we find it, yeah we’ll be on our way to Arizona in the morning in Albuquerque New Mexico There’s something in the distance?

Probably, who sees us so we just do it right in da hand, watch out There’s like a cow in the road, though how much you been drinking that we just got into Arizona. I don’t know what it is like. I stopped the band in the Taco Bell. The Taco Bell Express well about your chance, not winning right back up standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona.

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