Testing The Brightest Flashlight In The World (100,000 Lumens)

As a bonus video this week, I recently bought the IMALENT MS18, a 100,000 lumen Beast of a flashlight that blows every other flashlight out of the water in terms of light output. Here’s what it looks like at Cerro Gordo at night with the brightest flashlight in the world.

Back with a full episode on Friday! A crazy mine exploration where I put this flashlight to use.

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All right, this is the brightest flashlight in the world, and I got this flashlight because almost every day I explore abandoned silver mines like this and the lighting’s never good. So I went down to this rabbit hole one day on amazon and came upon this.

A 100,000-lumen flashlight, so in this video I’m going to show you guys what it can do: [, Music, ], okay, this this right here is the most powerful flashlight in the world. It is one hundred thousand lumen.

The amount ms-18 theories are that this thing’s gonna get banned that eventually the u.s is gonna ban it because It’s too dangerous, but I purchased it ahead of time. So this is my plan is to try this in an abandoned mine. Oh very fancy: box. The fanciest box I’ve ever seen for a flashlight, you open it up, There’s some things and oh baby. that’s so big!

Oh well, you got like a strap for your shoulder. This is awesome. Oh man, It’s so big did you know where to take out. They say. Probably wait, oh my god, what a freaking light! Look at that thing! Oh all! Right, let’s charge this thing, we have the charger. I don’t know what that is um. You know the shoulder strap so classic It’s such a big light. Oh, I gotta charge this on the light. It says, tame the sun. This is such a ridiculous light. It’s charged It’s time. Look at this. It’s got multiple cooling fans in it of a hot button.

Let’s get this thing going, let’s go see what I can do right, so the bunk house is actually somewhere over there so to establish baseline, we’re going to turn off my headlamp. that’s how dark it is out here right now, let’s fire this bad boy up! Oh hello, fox holy, oh man. This is showing the entire mountain gotcha fox, foxbox fox, There’s the bunkhouse.

This light is insane all right. I gotta turn it off. Oh man There’s my eyes kind of all right. Here’S another experiment for you. This is a normal light, as you can see, does fine up here down there There’s a building. You can almost see the reflection of it with this light, but if we leave that light and turn on the most powerful light in the world, easy, you see a whole mountain side so again, brightest, flashlight in the world, let’s easily see all that back to a Normal flashlight dude, that’s the top of the hill. It’s like a mile away.

This thing smells like a microwave, that’s the top of the peak through the smoke. that’s crazy, dude, this every peak, even though the wildfire smoke holy timely really hot. In your hand, oh hello, fox street, over there bubba, I see you, I mean It’s basically daylight. Why is it coming towards me? Hey it’s probably not a good thing that the fox isn’t scared of me huh there he goes. This is a normal flashlight in this cave. that’s what you see, all right! That was it that was the brightest flashlight in the world.

I hope you like this video and stay tuned for more videos better lit from around Cerro Gordo and, if you haven’t already please subscribe to this channel, leave a comment below other things. You want to see, and just thank you guys, all so much for the support. So far, it really does mean everything to me: [, Music, ], so medium.

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