Los Ojuelos


Los Ojuelos



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Latitude / Longitude:

27°31’28″N 99°29’26″W



Time Zone:

Central (CST) (UTC-6)


Los Ojuelos is a ghost town near Mirando City in the southeastern part of Webb County, Texas, United States. Before its establishment, Indians camped near the only dependable water source in the semiarid area. The local springs attracted Eugenio Gutiérrez in 1810 and attempted to settle in the area. Frequent Indian attacks forced Gutiérrez to abandon the site. in 1835, Eugenio’s son returned to the site and tried to resettle the area but Indian attacks drove him back. In 1850, a company of Texas Rangers were stationed on the site to protect the trade route Laredo, Texas – Corpus Christi, Texas. In 1857, José María Guerra, grandson of Eugenio Gutiérrez and an ancestor of Laredo businessman Joe A. Guerra, built an irrigation system and a wall around Los Ojuelos to protect from Indian attacks.


The National Register of Historic Places added the Los Ojuelos (#76002084) to its registered historic districts in 1976. Its historic significance includes information potential and its 1850-1874, 1875-1899 mission Spanish Revival architecture and engineering. Los Ojuelos main structures of significance are a Religious Structure, School, and a Specialty Store.





Current Status:

By 1860, Los Ojuelos population grew to 400. In 1855 the Texas-Mexican railroad bypassed the town by a few miles. In 1904 the population declined to 174. In 1920 oil was found nearby, but Mirando City was established. The oil boom helped Los Ojuelos grow but in 1950 drilling for oil stopped. Today, Los Ojuelos remains a ghost town.