Elko Tract


Elko Tract



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Latitude / Longitude:

37° 29′ 12.48 N, 77° 14′ 16.44 W



Time Zone:

Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)


Elko Tract is a 2,220 acre (9 km²) tract of land in Henrico County, Virginia. It is considered one of Virginia’s most well known ghost towns due to its history as a decoy airfield during World War II and suspicious activity in the area afterwards. The Peninsula Campaign (1862) of the American Civil War brought troops from both the Federal and Confederate Armies through this area.







Current Status:

The land that makes up Elko Tract was eventually sold by the state under Governor George Allen. Looking to find ways to fund increased prison construction, Governor Allen made it a priority to sell what was considered “surplus” state-owned land. Since 1996, a piece of the northwest section of the Tract has been the home of a semiconductor plant for Infineon Technologies. A 2002 trip into the tract was interrupted by a security guard apparently working for the company (see External Links). Despite increased plans for development of the Elko Tract, a large portion of the original 1953 infrastructure construction is still in place today, including the water tower, building foundations, and several fire hydrants. Remaining Elko Tract infrastructure, however, is threatened by the increased interest in commercial development in the Tract.


It has been reported that in 2004 the Virginia National Guard had been performing field exercises in the Tract. In 2007 Elko Middle School was established in the area.