Agua Caliente


Agua Caliente



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32° 59′ 7 N, 113° 19′ 28 W



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Mountain (NO DST) (UTC-7)


Agua Caliente in Maricopa County, Arizona, is a place north of the Gila River near Hyder, Arizona. The location was the site of a resort established at the site of nearby hot springs. Agua Caliente, a name derived from Spanish meaning “hot water”, received its name from nearby hot springs which were originally used by the local Indians.







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By 1858 Flap-Jack Ranch was located six miles from the Agua Caliente hot springs along the Gila River, 84 miles from Fort Yuma. It was established as stagecoach station of the Butterfield Overland Mail. In 1862, it was called Grinnel’s Ranch and was listed on the itinerary of the California Column in the same place as Flap Jack Ranch, (84 miles), from Fort Yuma on the route to Tucson. So too was what Union Army reports called Stanwix Ranch or Stanwix Station which became the site of the westernmost skirmish of the American Civil War.