Poison Creek Stage Stop


Poison Creek Stage Stop



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No one is living there.

“It turns out that the Poison Creek building is on private property, so it’s not advisable to just go wandering around or in the building or any such as you could be cited for trespass. It’s unlikely you’d be caught, but I do know the nature of the guy that owns the property, having talked to him and got a bit of his history, and he is very antisocial (with good reason) so better safe than sorry.” ~ Bill Blohm







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Poison Creek Stage Station (added 1978 – – #78001089)
S of Homedale off Jump Creek Rd., Homedale
Historic Significance: Event, Architecture/Engineering
Architect, builder, or engineer: Proud,Matt C.
Architectural Style: No Style Listed
Area of Significance: Architecture, Transportation
Period of Significance: 1900-1924, 1875-1899
Owner: Private
Historic Function: Agriculture/Subsistence, Domestic, Education, Transportation
Historic Sub-function: Animal Facility, Road-Related, School, Secondary Structure, Single Dwelling
Current Function: Domestic
Current Sub-function: Single Dwelling

Source: http://www.nationalregisterofhistoricplaces.com/id/Owyhee/state.html


  1. Nice site, Jason! I look forward to seeing it grow.

    I should probably add to my comment above about Poison Creek that the road comes right up against the building, as it were, so you can still get up close and personal. I just meant that the actual building should be considered off limits (for safety reasons as well as the reasons stated above). Using the roads and canal access, you can still view the building from all four sides.

    1. Hi my aunt and uncle Proud built poison Creek it was a wooden shocked when they purchased it . Our family has original pictures to prove this a documentation just as the rock stage coach station in fact the picture that says the rocks unknown person who took it was my family I have that exact picture for my great grandfather he as well and the rocks stagecoach stop please make the correction on my aunt’s name.Libbie Naramore Proud and my grand great grandfather Samuel Naramore. We even have paintings of the The Rocks.

      1. Jo,
        I would love to add info about that picture. Thank you so much for the info. I just want to double check, is it Libbie Naramore Proud as the photographer and Samuel Naramore the person in the picture?

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