Aubrey Landing



Zip Code:


Latitude / Longitude:

34°18′00″N 114°04′39″W / 34.30000°N 114.07750°W / 34.30000


646 ft (197 m)

Time Zone:

Mountain (NO DST) (UTC-7)


Aubrey Landing, Aubrey City or Aubrey is a ghost town at the mouth of the Bill Williams River in southern Mohave County, Arizona. The town was founded before 1865 and was abandoned sometime after 1886.  Aubrey Landing was inundated when Lake Havasu was formed.


In 1865, a break in copper prices left the town almost deserted. However enough people stayed in Aubrey City and the nearby mines, prompting establishment of the Aubrey post office in 1866. Little had changed though by 1878, the town never grew to the size anticipated by the owners. The town consisted of the usual mining camp structures, as well as a hotel, saloon and a general store. The town supported a small population for almost ten years more. In 1886 the post office closed and the town soon after.





Current Status:

The site of this old river landing and mining town is lost below Lake Havasu.


The site of Aubrey Landing was passed over by the 1854 expedition of Captain Whipple for the Railroad Survey near the 35th Parallel, and was the location of Camp #33 for the 1858 expedition of 1st Lieutenant Ives, to explore the Colorado River of West in the steamboat Explorer.