Pleasure Beach


Pleasure Beach



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41.16100°N 73.1680°W



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Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)


From 1892 until 1958, it was home to a popular amusement park of the same name. From 1904 to 1919, it was called “Steeplechase Island.” The amusement park was accessible primarily by ferry service and a wooden swing bridge built in 1927 to carry automobiles and pedestrians. Remaining structures from the amusement park are the carousel, dodge-’em car enclosure, and beer garden (the latter was substantially altered for use as a summer theater in the 1960s)

After a portion of the bridge burned in 1996, Pleasure Beach was cut off and became accessible only by a lengthy trek along the shoreline, or by small private boats from the mainland. This severely limited access and allowed nature to be undisturbed. As late as December 2008, Bridgeport considered a ferry service to relink the beach with the city, but this was rejected due to parking considerations and the need for a Coast Guard registered captain.


Over 20 cottages and houses, a radio tower, several docks, several broken roads, a burnt down bridge, and a gazzebo.

The transmitter towers for radio station WICC (AM) are located on Pleasure Beach. The station uses an amphibious landing craft when it needs to deliver cargo.





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