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Ghost Towns For Sale United States, United States Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns For Sale United States: Abandoned Communities Awaiting New Life

Have you ever dreamt of owning an entire town, bringing life back to a once thriving community, or maybe even turning a deserted village into a unique tourist attraction? Across the United States, numerous ghost towns have been abandoned and left to decay.

Today, many of these ghost towns are up for sale, just waiting for someone with the vision and resources to restore them to their former glory. In this article, we will explore some of the most intriguing ghost towns for sale in the United States, delving into their history, current state, and potential for future development.

Nipton, California

History and Current State

Nipton, located in San Bernardino County, California, is a small town with around 25 residents. Founded as a railroad town in 1905, Nipton was initially called Nippeno Camp before being renamed in 1910.

In 2017, American Green, a cannabis technology company, purchased Nipton for $5 million to transform it into a cannabis consumption destination. However, the company ceased payments on the town in 2019, leading to foreclosure proceedings.

Potential for Development

Currently listed at $3,125,000, the 80-acre property includes the Nipton Trading Post, a restaurant and bar, a five-room hotel, a general store, a trailer park, and a schoolhouse. With its proximity to Las Vegas and the potential for cannabis tourism, Nipton offers an exciting investment opportunity for those interested in revitalizing a small desert town.

Cleator, Arizona

History and Current State

Cleator, established in 1864 as Turkey Creek, is a former mining town that was purchased by James Cleator in 1925. As mining declined and the railroad left, the town’s population dwindled to around 60 residents.

The Cleator Bar & Yacht Club, a small and ironically named establishment, remained in operation until the owner’s death in 1996. Since then, the town has been primarily a tourist attraction with less than 10 permanent residents.

Potential for Development

The 39.9-acre property is currently listed for $999,999 and includes the bar, general store, a few original structures, as well as naming and mining rights. With its rich mining history and beautiful desert surroundings, Cleator offers an attractive opportunity to develop a unique tourist destination or a private retreat.

The Villa de la Mina, Terlingua, Texas

History and Current State

Located near Big Bend in West Texas, the Villa de la Mina is a ghost town built during the early 1900s silver mining boom. The town was constructed using local rock and handmade bricks, resulting in fortress-like walls designed to withstand a battalion.

The 62-acre property, currently listed for $1.75 million, includes 20 standing buildings, a pool, a water holding tank, and the largest mine in the area with a railroad track leading into it.

Potential for Development

With its unique architecture and stunning desert landscape, the Villa de la Mina offers a wealth of potential for redevelopment. The existing buildings, including stables, a jail, an eight-room hotel, and more, could be repurposed for a variety of uses, such as a resort, event venue, or an exclusive retreat.

Bridgeville, California

History and Current State

Bridgeville, originally called Robinsons Ferry, is an 83-acre town situated 30 miles inland from Highway 101 on California’s Redwood Coast. Renamed in 1875 when a bridge was constructed over the Van Duzen River, the town has passed through the hands of numerous owners over the years.

In 2002, Bridgeville became the first town sold on eBay. The current asking price for the town is $1.5 million and includes river frontage, swimming holes, houses, cabins, a post office, and a cemetery.

Potential for Development

With its beautiful riverfront location, picturesque landscape, and rich history, Bridgeville offers a unique opportunity for redevelopment. Potential uses for the property include a charming residential community, a tourist destination, or a retreat center.

Henry River Mill Village, North Carolina

History and Current State

Henry River Mill Village, located just west of Catawba County, North Carolina, was founded as a booming textile mill town in 1905. Over time, the population dwindled, and the mill eventually shut down before its main building burned down in 1977.

The last residents reportedly left in the late 1990s or early 2000s. The abandoned town gained fame as the filming location for the original “The Hunger Games” movie, where it served as the home for characters such as Gale, Prim, Peeta, and Katniss.

Potential for Development

The 71.78-acre property is currently listed for $1.4 million, which includes 21 unrestored mill houses and a store building. With its connection to the popular film franchise and ample space for development, Henry River Mill Village could be transformed into a themed tourist attraction, a residential community, or even a film production hub.

Gabriella, New Mexico

History and Current State

Gabriella, situated just outside of Datil, New Mexico, is a charming replica of an Old West settlement from the 1880s set on 58 acres. The current owner built the town from the ground up to create a movie studio. It has served as a backdrop for numerous productions, events, and photo shoots.

Potential for Development

The 24 buildings included in the $1.6 million asking price are more than just props. The barbershop features an antique barber chair and furnishings, the hotel is fully functional, and even the stagecoach is included. The Town of Gabriella offers a unique opportunity for a movie production facility, a themed event venue, or a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction.

Millican, Oregon

History and Current State

Millican, a town established in the 1880s by its namesake, George Millican, is located 25 miles east of Bend, Oregon. The town never had a population greater than 100 people, and by the time the post office closed in 1942, the postmaster was the only remaining citizen.

The town has changed hands several times since then, with the most recent listing in 2017 at $1,499,000 for the 74-plus acre property.

Potential for Development

Though currently listed as “off the market,” it seems that a buyer was never found for Millican. With its rich history and potential for growth, this ghost town could be transformed into a residential community, a tourist destination, or a unique event venue.

Cabin Creek, Colorado

History and Current State

Cabin Creek, Colorado, is a spooky ghost town that was listed for $350,000 in 2016. The five-acre property includes a gas station, a restaurant, a private shooting range, two homes, and an eight-room motel.

The town’s history is shrouded in mystery, with local legends suggesting that residents fled Cabin Creek in the 1970s due to fear following an unsolved murder.

Potential for Development

Cabin Creek offers an intriguing investment opportunity for those who find the town’s eerie history and remote location appealing. The property could be transformed into a unique tourist attraction, a themed event venue, or even a private retreat.

Forest Service Rd #295 Saint Elmo, Colorado

History and Current State

Located 1.6 miles south of the ghost town St. Elmo, this 4.14-acre property in Colorado holds a haunted past. In 1881, a cattle rancher named Anton Stark moved to the town, and a fire reportedly destroyed the business section in 1890.

Four decades later, the descendants of the Stark family were the only ones left, and many believe that the ghost of Anton’s daughter, Annabelle, still haunts the town.

Potential for Development

Currently listed at $84,900, this piece of land offers a unique opportunity for those interested in owning a haunted property. With its rich history and stunning mountain location, this ghost town could be developed into a paranormal tourist attraction, a private retreat, or even a themed event venue.

Swett, South Dakota

History and Current State

Swett, South Dakota, is a 6.6-acre property with a tavern and a four-bedroom home. The land, which is rumored to be haunted, was initially listed for $400,000 but had its price reduced to $250,000 in 2015 after a few failed offers.

Potential for Development

Swett offers an interesting investment opportunity for those intrigued by the town’s haunted reputation and remote location. The property could be transformed into a unique tourist attraction, a themed event venue, or a private retreat.


Owning a ghost town may not be for everyone, but for those with a vision and the resources to invest, these abandoned communities provide a unique opportunity to create something truly extraordinary.

Whether it’s revitalizing a former mining town, building a themed tourist attraction, or simply enjoying the peace and solitude of a remote location, the ghost towns for sale across the United States hold a wealth of potential for the right buyer.

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