Dana (submerged to form Quabbin Reservoir)


Dana Submerged To Form Quabbin Reservoir


Dana Submerged To Form Quabbin Reservoir

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Latitude / Longitude:

42°25′19″N 72°13′39″W / 42.42194°N 72.22750°W / 42.42194



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Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)


Dana was a town located in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Dana was lost as a result of the formation of the Quabbin Reservoir.


As with the nearby town of Prescott, after the disincorporation, houses were moved or razed, but cellar holes remained. The public is only allowed to visit the former town of Dana by foot, as the old narrow road is blocked off to cars. In the town center (which is still somewhat maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation), a stone marker has been installed, which reads: “SITE OF DANA COMMON 1801-1938 To all those who sacrificed their homes and way of life (Erected by Dana Reunion, 1996)”. The common and a 68-acre (28 ha) area encompassing the former town center has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


February 18, 1801


April 28, 1938

Current Status:

Formed from parts of Petersham, Greenwich, and Hardwick, it was incorporated in 1801. The town was named for Massachusetts statesman Francis Dana. The town was disincorporated on April 28, 1938, as part of the creation of the Quabbin Reservoir. Upon disincorporation, all of the town was returned to the adjacent town of Petersham. The majority of the land of the former town is still above water.