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Latitude / Longitude:

35°10′24″ N 83°7′46″ W / 35.17333° N 83.12944° W / 35.17333



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Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)


Glenville was a town located in the Hamburg township of Jackson County, North Carolina. It is now a popular lakeside vacation community with many second homes that sometimes are rented around Lake Glenville, which flooded and destroyed the town.


Prior to incorporation in 1891, it was named Hamburgh and later Hamburg, from which the township gets its name. The Hamburgh post office was established there in 1856, but settlement began at least as early as 1827. It was used as a fort in case of attack from the local native Cherokee people. At the time of incorporation in 1891, it was the largest town in Jackson County, a surprising fact considering it was so small.





Current Status:

The town had a private high school, the first in Jackson County, formed in 1886 and was just like Cullowhee High School, founded in 1889 and has now become Western Carolina University. It became a public institution in 1891. In 1926, a new Glenville School was built on a hill above the town, with grades 1-11, it was the main high school for that part of the county until 1975, when Blue Ridge School opened, consolidating Cashiers Elementary and Glenville School. When the lake was filled in the 1940s, the waters were brought to the edge of the campus, making the school lakeside. It was the pride of the community but deteriorated after being abandoned and was demolished around 2000 to make way for lakeside homes.


The town managed to save its church and graveyard from the lake, and they were moved not far beyond the present shoreline, today they rest lakeside. Lake Glenville is renowned for Bass fishing, it annually casts bass fishing tournaments. Smallmouth bass live abundantly in Lake Glenville, as well do lake trout, crappie, largemouth bass, bream, and perch breeds. Certain breeds of Catfish also live in the lake, mainly “channel cats.”