Zip Code:


Latitude / Longitude:

37° 52′ 27 N, 105° 36′ 52 W



Time Zone:

Mountain (MST) (UTC-7)


Duncan, Colorado was a post office in Saguache County, Colorado about 8 miles south of Crestone, Colorado.


Duncan, Colorado was first founded in 1874 when John Duncan found gold ore in a nearby river. Other prospectors soon settled around his cabin, and by 1890 a town was established. The town was plotted by John Duncan, lots were sold, gold mines promoted, home were built, businesses established, even a newspaper, The Duncan Eagle. At that point, he sold lots in town for $25 a piece. There was a post office at Duncan from November 21, 18922 to September 15, 1900. Mail came six days a week and served 250 residents of the area. A school district formed in 1893 to serve the community and the last classes were held in 1899.





Current Status:

Only one house remains, John Duncan’s cabin. The place, considered a ghost town, was on the Luis Maria Baca Grant No. 4 but is now within Rio Grande National Forest. In 2011, Duncan Cabin was renovated and is now able to be rented out to visitors.


In 1900, George Adams purchased the Luis Maria Baca Grant No. 4, which allowed him to claim property and mineral rights. This caused the settlers to be considered squatters, and after a supreme court battle, settlers were pushed off the land. Settlers were paid $125 for each structure. Some of the residents of Duncan moved to a new townsite, just off the Grant property to the south, Liberty, Colorado.