Gold Point


Gold Point



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Latitude / Longitude:

37°21′17″N 117°21′54″W / 37.35472°N 117.36500°W / 37.35472



Time Zone:

Pacific (PST) (UTC-8)


Gold Point, Nevada is a well preserved ghost town in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The area that would become Gold Point was first settled by ranchers and a few miners during the 1880s. The small camp of Lime Point was formed a few hundred yards west of the present town, at an outcropping of limestone.


When new discoveries of gold and silver established the major mining towns of Tonopah and Goldfield, Nevada in the early 1900s, a flood of prospectors returned to Lime Point. In 1902 silver was discovered in the area, and the old camp was revived and renamed Hornsilver (an informal name for the silver mineral chlorargyrite). Scarcity of water in the area required that the ore be shipped to nearby Lida for milling. The nearest major supply town was about 250 miles north at Unionville, a mining town northeast of present-day Lovelock. The miners did not find silver in abundance, the costs of shipping the ore to Lida became too high, and, within a year, the settlement was abandoned.





Current Status:

The old camp is a living history lesson with about 50 buildings still standing, including former Senator Harry Wiley’s home and the post office that now serves as a museum. The Post Office Museum is open on most weekends and for large parties. Memorial Day Weekend is the annual Chili Cook-Off with prizes and drawings, food and drink, games and live music all day and through the night. For a few days of the year, the population soars to 400, but is usually seven. Gold Point is home to the High Desert Drifters Western Historical Society; the club routinely performs western reenactment and gunfights in the plaza. Guest services are available year round, including electric hook-ups for RVs. Nearby nature sites include waterfalls and watering holes frequented by wild horses and burros, Indian petroglyphs, fossils, petrified woods, and a view of Death Valley National Park from Big Molly.


In addition to the above, Rotary members of the Recreational Vehicle Fellowship of Rotarian’s NA. make an annual four-day trek to Gold Point in mid to late October. At that time an average of eighteen coaches arrive at Gold Point where RV camping is available, electricity and sewer hookups are available. The weather at this time is about 70 degrees during the day and 40 degrees or so at night, the temperature does drop a little more toward the end of the month.