Discovering Colorado’s Silver Plume Ghost Town

Nestled in the mountains of Clear Creek County, Colorado lies the semi-ghost town of Silver Plume. Founded in 1870, it was once a thriving mining town that was home to the Pelican mine and the neighboring Dive mine, which caused daily fights between the miners. Despite facing numerous fires, the town has kept many of its original buildings intact, providing a unique glimpse into Colorado’s past. Silver Plume even had its own newspaper, the Coloradoan, which testifies to the town’s former importance.

Over the years, Silver Plume has become renowned for its ghostly tales, adding to the town’s enigmatic allure. One such legend tells of a miner who played the violin each night to forget his fiancé’s tragic death on the eve of their wedding. The story has become ingrained in the town’s folklore and adds to the mystery surrounding the abandoned town.

Discovering Colorado’s Silver Plume Ghost Town is a journey into the past that will leave visitors with a sense of wonder and a chill down their spine. In this article, we will explore the location and history of Silver Plume, life in the town during its heyday, and the local legends and mysteries that continue to intrigue visitors today.

Key Takeaways

  • Silver Plume, Colorado is a semi-ghost town with a rich history and unique architecture.
  • The town was established in 1870 after the Pelican mine gave rise to the town, and it was once a thriving mining town.
  • Despite numerous fires, the original buildings still remain intact, making it a popular tourist attraction.
  • Local legends and mysteries add to the town’s appeal and intrigue, with haunted buildings, supernatural sightings, famous unsolved crimes and mysterious disappearances.

Location and History

Silver Plume, a semi-ghost town located in Clear Creek County, Colorado, was established in 1870 after the Pelican mine gave rise to the town.

The town’s economy was based on mining, and it had its own newspaper, the Coloradoan.

The neighboring mine, the Dive, caused daily fights among the miners.

Although the town was menaced by fire numerous times, the original buildings remain, making it a popular tourist attraction.

Despite its small size, Silver Plume had a significant economic impact on the region during its heyday.

The town’s mining activities provided employment opportunities for many people and helped boost the local economy.

Today, the town’s semi-ghost status still attracts visitors who are interested in exploring its rich history and unique architecture.

Life in Silver Plume

The settlement of Silver Plume in Clear Creek County was established in 1870 due to the Pelican mine. Despite facing numerous challenges such as daily fights with the neighboring Dive mine and frequent fires, the town managed to survive and retain its original buildings.

The local economy is sustained through tourism, with the town being a popular destination for visitors interested in exploring its ghostly past. Additionally, the community hosts several events throughout the year, including the Silver Plume Melodrama, which attracts tourists from all over the state.

To evoke emotion in the audience, here are five notable aspects of life in Silver Plume:

  • The town’s rich history and the stories of its past residents who continue to haunt its streets.
  • The breathtaking scenery of the surrounding mountains and the picturesque buildings that transport visitors back in time.
  • The sense of community is still felt in Silver Plume, despite its dwindling population.
  • The resilience of the town and its inhabitants, who have managed to overcome numerous challenges throughout its history.
  • The eerie silence that descends on the town after dark, when the tourists have left and only the ghosts remain.

Local Legends and Mysteries

Local legends and mysteries surrounding the history of Silver Plume have added to the town’s appeal and intrigue for visitors. One such story involves a miner whose fiancé was found dead on the eve of their wedding. The miner, who had come to Silver Plume to forget, played his violin each night until one day a gunshot was heard and he was found dead. Burial instructions for Clifford Griffin, the miner, were found nearby, leading many to speculate that he took his own life out of grief. This tragic tale has captured the imagination of many visitors to the town.

Silver Plume’s rich history is not without its share of unsolved mysteries and eerie tales. Haunted buildings and supernatural sightings are just some of the spooky legends that have been passed down through the years. Additionally, famous unsolved crimes and mysterious disappearances have yet to be explained.

Despite the town’s small size, its history is filled with intrigue and fascination, and the legends and mysteries surrounding it make Silver Plume a truly unique and captivating destination for those who love history and the supernatural.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any guided tours available in Silver Plume?

Guided tours of Silver Plume are available, providing insight into the town’s historical significance. Visitors can explore original buildings and learn about the Pelican mine, fights with neighboring mines, and the town’s newspaper.

How did the town get its name?

Silver Plume, a semi-ghost town in Clear Creek County, Colorado, was named after the silver rush that occurred in the area during the 1870s. Its history and folklore are intertwined with the mining industry that gave rise to the town’s original buildings.

What was the main industry in Silver Plume?

Silver Plume’s main industry was historic mining, which significantly impacted the town’s economy. The decline of mining caused economic hardship, but the resurgence of small-scale mining has brought new life to the community.

Are there any restaurants or shops in the town?

While Silver Plume is a semi-ghost town with original buildings and a rich history, it has no local cuisine or souvenir shops. Visitors can explore the town’s past and natural beauty, but should plan to bring their own food and souvenirs.

What is the population of Silver Plume today?

The current demographics of Silver Plume are semi-ghost, with original buildings still intact. The town has residential properties, but the population is unknown. No information is available on the number of residents in the town today.

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