How Many Ghost Towns Are In Oklahoma?

This Is a List of Ghost Towns In The U.S. State of Oklahoma.


What Is The Oldest Town In Oklahoma?

Vinita is the oldest bundled town on Oklahoma Route 66 being developed in 1871.


Is Fort Gibson The Oldest Town In Oklahoma?

Ft Gibson was established in 1824 as an army town and is taken into consideration the oldest community in Oklahoma. The Ft was developed in 1824 and also the town of Fort Gibson expanded out of it as military households, Indigenous Americans and also released slaves cleared up close by.


Why Was The City of Picher Oklahoma Virtually Abandoned?

The groundwater was polluted with absurd levels of lead and also the mining-induced deteriorated soil made sinkholes and also collapses a severe threat. In 1983, the Federal government included the mining town as a Tar Creek Superfund site, a program to help the neighborhoods of Picher and Cardin, Oklahoma.


Does Anyone Still Live In Picher Oklahoma?

In 2000, the populace of Picher, Oklahoma was 1640. In 2010, it was 20. Today, it’s zero.


I have made all efforts to make sure this list is as accurate as I can, and I will try and keep this list updated with any new information ~ Jason – United States Ghost Towns

Oklahoma has about 240 ghost towns.

List of ghost towns in Oklahoma:

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